Let’s Welcome The NBA’s Newest Team: The Tampa Bay Raptors Because 2020!

Ok, so maybe not technically a “new team” but the NBA and the Toronto Raptors have officially announced that the team will start the season by playing their home games in Tampa Bay instead of Toronto, due to Canada’s current restrictions on travel that would have made playing games against US-based teams almost impossible.

According To The #1 Recruit in The Country, No—Texas Football Is Definitely Not Back

Quinn Ewers, Southlake Carroll (TX) High School’s all-world quarterback, has announced his intent to sign with the Ohio State Buckeyes over the in-state Texas Longhorns after initially committing to Texas earlier this year, firmly burying the notion that Texas Longhorns football is of any consequence anymore.

Let’s See How We Did On Our Election Predictions

Tuesday afternoon, we posted our predictions for election night and, ultimately, the outcome of the election. We got a few things right, but let’s start off with what we got wrong. What We Got Wrong Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin Being Decided On Election Night This came down to two separate, but conjoining

The Bench Wire’s 2020 Election Night Predictions

Well, we’ve finally made it to, quite possibly, the most anticipated showdown in political history. Even with states being polled to death, there’s still a lot of questions left to be answered. Will Vice President Joe Biden defeat President Trump? Will Trump defy the polls and become re-elected to a 2nd term? Will they make

Dak Prescott Bet Everything On Himself And Tragically Lost

Last summer, with the NFL season still up in the air, negotiations suddenly stalled between Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott and the Cowboys front office general managers/owners, Stephen and Jerry Jones. In the face of increasing scrutiny as to whether Prescott was even worth a record-setting deal, Dak’s camp moved to play on a 1-year,

Trump Accuses Biden Of Taking PEDs – Calls For Drug Tests Before Tuesday’s Debate

In today’s episode of “we’re living in the worst timeline,” President Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning, I’d imagine before taking in a sermon on Corinthians part 2, to call for presidential nominee Joe Biden to commit to taking a drug test before or after the first presidential debate to be held on Tuesday

There’s Absolutely No Way In Hell That James Harden Is Following Mike D’Antoni To The 76ers

d'antoni james harden

After yet another disappointing postseason for both the Philadelphia 76’ers and the Houston Rockets, both organizations have (mercifully for 76ers’ fans) finally let go of both of their respective coaches, which means Mike D’Antoni has become, yet again for absolutely no reason, the hottest name on the coaching carousel. It’s been reported that D’Antoni is

Fat, Ugly Sportswriter Jason Whitlock Is Calling Out ESPN’s Katie Nolan and Maria Taylor’s “Beauty Privilege”

Sports TV personality and sad sack of expired hamburger meat Jason Whitlock took a small break from lording over the criminal underworld of Tatooine to shit out a diarrhea of a take and call out ESPN’s Katie Nolan and Maria Taylor for using their “beauty privilege” in lieu of talent to acquire lucrative jobs at

Staff Working At DHR’s COVID Facility Expose Abhorrent Patient Conditions, Negligent Deaths


Nurses and staff working at the Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance COVID facility in Edinburg have come forward to shed a light on the abhorrent patient conditions in the make-shift facility that include PPE being hidden from staff, ants crawling all over incapacitated patients, corpses in non-air conditioned rooms next to medical equipment, and at least

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