Fat, Ugly Sportswriter Jason Whitlock Is Calling Out ESPN’s Katie Nolan and Maria Taylor’s “Beauty Privilege”

Sports TV personality and sad sack of expired hamburger meat Jason Whitlock took a small break from lording over the criminal underworld of Tatooine to shit out a diarrhea of a take and call out ESPN’s Katie Nolan and Maria Taylor for using their “beauty privilege” in lieu of talent to acquire lucrative jobs at

Staff Working At DHR’s COVID Facility Expose Abhorrent Patient Conditions, Negligent Deaths


Nurses and staff working at the Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance COVID facility in Edinburg have come forward to shed a light on the abhorrent patient conditions in the make-shift facility that include PPE being hidden from staff, ants crawling all over incapacitated patients, corpses in non-air conditioned rooms next to medical equipment, and at least

Yes, Scoring Tesla Would Be Great For The Valley


After Tesla and SpaceX CEO and founder Elon Musk’s recent announcement that he would be looking at either Nevada or Texas to move his Tesla manufacturing plant, Hidalgo County judge Richard Cortez, of Precious fame, seized at the opportunity to publicly proclaim that Hidalgo would be more than willing to welcome Tesla down to the

No, Some Guy Didn’t Get Cremated Alive In Harlingen


I woke up this morning, scrolled through Facebook and found that a swath of my own friends (God help them) had shared a story titled HARLINGEN, TX: FUNERAL HOME EMPLOYEE CREMATED BY MISTAKE WHILE TAKING A NAP to which I rolled over and thought: My friends can’t be THIS stupid, right?

Let’s Explain What’s Happening With KGBT Channel 4


Earlier this week, KGBT announced that beginning on Tuesday, January 28 at midnight, CBS programming would be moved over to 23.2 as news broke out that Sinclair Broadcasting Company, who owns KGBT, had agreed to fork over assets from KGBT to Nexstar Media Group, who owns KVEO. Understandably, most of this seems like it’s coming

KGBT Meteorologist Alex Herbst Dead At 26 From Apparent Suicide


Alex Herbst, a meteorologist for KGBT CBS 4, was found dead Wednesday afternoon at the age of 26.

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