KGBT Meteorologist Alex Herbst Dead At 26 From Apparent Suicide


Alex Herbst, a meteorologist for KGBT CBS 4, was found dead Wednesday afternoon at the age of 26.

The Valley Isn’t Growing Anymore And It’s All The Millennials’ Fault


Leadership Resource Group, a single person consulting company based in McAllen, compiled public data from the US Census Bureau that shows that the Rio Grande Valley’s population growth has slowed tremendously over the last eight years and we can probably blame it all on the millennials because of course it would be their fucking fault.

The Dorados Likely Shutting Down Shouldn’t Surprise Anyone


On Wednesday, The Monitor’s Henry Miller broke the news that the RGV Dorados were suspending all football operations until further notice, terminating the remainder of their lease with State Farm Arena.

Either The City of Edinburg Is Really This Corrupt Or Really Fucking Stupid

richard molina mayor of edinburg

If you haven’t heard, Edinburg Mayor Richard Molina and his wife Dalia have been charged with several counts of illegal voting and, in Molina’s case, a first-degree felony count of organized election fraud during an arraignment last week when KRGV alum and, now, Edinburg Director of Communications Cary Zayas had, probably, the dumbest meltdown I

McAllen Native Trevor Speights Might Finally Get His Chance In The Spotlight


After three years of waiting in the wings behind the likes of Christian McCaffrey and Bryce Love, both whom have gone on to NFL teams, Trevor Speights may soon be getting his chance to showcase what made him one of the highest recruited running backs in his class and, maybe, give Valley football something to

The Worst Restaurants In McAllen (According To Google Reviews) 2019

worst restaurants in mcallen 2019

While we’ve taken a break from our yearly ranking of the best bars in McAllen, we felt that we could still be a service to our community by sifting through the hundreds of restaurants and finding the very worst that local McAllen cuisine has to offer.

KGBT Channel 4 Is Covering Melting Peeps, For Some Reason


When we write stories shitting on our local media, we do everything we possibly can to rag on them evenly, but God help me if it just feels like KGBT goes that extra mile to dig themselves deeper and deeper into the journalistic abyss, further from reality, public trust, and any respect.

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