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June 2016

2016 Best Bars In McAllen Ranked

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El Devino

Last year, our list of the best bars in McAllen was met with literally no acclaim from ANYONE we ranked on the list. (thanks guys!)

So here’s a toast to another year of The Bench Wire going, potentially, unnoticed. (here, HERE!)

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The Bench Turns 1

in About Us

Ok, so maybe it was on June 3rd., but much like how I suspect The Bench Wire’s legacy will go, it was more or less forgotten.
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Brownsville US Rep. Filemon Vela to Trump: “Shove Your Border Wall Up Your Ass”

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filemon vela

In this week’s episode of ‘Tell Us How You Really Feel,’ Brownsville US Rep. Filemon Vela has had just about enough of Trump’s shit. Keep Reading

Rep. Terry Canales Goes On Epic 2 AM Rant About McAllen Iglesias Secret Spending

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terry canales

At 2:19 AM Sunday morning, I was about 5 or 6 tequila and sodas in, clumsily climbing into my car and trying my best not to alert the cop parked a mere 20 feet away of my absolute incapacity to operate a motor vehicle. Glamour shot enthusiast and State Rep. Terry Canales, on the other hand, thought it would be a good time to tweet out a rant. Keep Reading

Warriors vs Cavs: The Bench Wire 2016 NBA Finals Preview

in Sports
TBW NBA Finals 2016 Preview

Well, now that the glitch in the Matrix has finally been resolved, the universe is back to normal again and we got the Finals rematch we all thought we were gonna get in the first place.
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McAllen Found One Sweet-Ass Loophole To Hide That Enrique Iglesias Money

in RGV/The News
Enrique Iglesias McAllen

On Tuesday, the Texas Attorney General’s office denied The Monitor’s request for the City of McAllen to disclose how much they paid Enrique Iglesias for his performance at December’s Christmas Parade concert.
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