April 2019

The Worst Restaurants In McAllen (According To Google Reviews) 2019

worst restaurants in mcallen 2019

While we’ve taken a break from our yearly ranking of the best bars in McAllen, we felt that we could still be a service to our community by sifting through the hundreds of restaurants and finding the very worst that local McAllen cuisine has to offer.

KGBT Channel 4 Is Covering Melting Peeps, For Some Reason


When we write stories shitting on our local media, we do everything we possibly can to rag on them evenly, but God help me if it just feels like KGBT goes that extra mile to dig themselves deeper and deeper into the journalistic abyss, further from reality, public trust, and any respect.

Here’s The Site Charging People For Fake McAllen Garage Sale Permits


The City of McAllen’s Health & Code Enforcement Department issued a warning to its residents yesterday regarding a SignNow account selling fake McAllen Garage Sale Permits for $10 a pop.

KGBT Channel 4 Really Shit The Bed Covering The DPS Trooper Shooting

kgbt claims trooper sanchez has died DPS Trooper Shooting

At about 8:45 PM Saturday night, Texas DPS Trooper Moises Sanchez was shot twice shortly after investigating the scene of a crash near Freddy Gonzalez and 10th St. in North McAllen by who the authorities believe to be the suspect, Victor Alejandro Godinez of Edinburg.