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Butthurt Pro-Trump Spurs Fans Mad At Popovich For Having Opinions


Between the Kawhi Leonard’s injury and the subsequent public fallout between Leonard and the rest of the franchise, the plague of injuries, that small moment where they legitimately almost found themselves out of the playoffs for the first time in 21 years, the San Antonio Spurs have, yet, another layer of shit to add to the heap: Butthurt Pro-Trump fans.

The Washington Post’s Rick Maese wrote a piece yesterday on Pro-Trump supporters who have gone out of their way to rid their lives of the Spurs because Gregg Popovich isn’t nice when talking about our President.

To that, San Antonio resident Cassandra Casanova, Dawn Hold, Bob Mulherin had their own thoughts, respectively:

“That’s how angry I got. It ruined my basketball life,” she said. “I took it personally. I was such a loyal fan, and he insulted me. Why would you start attacking the people who had been so loyal?”
“I often curse Pop for doing what he did. He insulted more than half of the Spurs’ fan base, and no sign whatsoever of an apology. It is sad that Pop basically told my wife and my son and me for that matter that we were fools for supporting Donald Trump. What happens when someone calls you a fool? You avoid them.”
“I refuse to go to a game right now or even watch on TV. I was really hurt by what he said. He’s basically accusing all the people who voted this one way of being racists and misogynists. It feels very personal.”

Jesus, I thought the conservatives were the people that DIDN’T need safe-spaces. Somebody please go get these children some formula and put them down for a nap.

It isn’t a secret that Coach Popovich, an Air Force veteran who actually served our country, has minced no words when it’s come to describing President Trump as “an embarrassment to the world,” a “soulless coward,” a “pathological liar,” “xenophobic, homophobic, racist, misogynistic” and stated “and I live in a country where half the people ignored all that to elect someone.”

Some Pro-Trump fans are even going as far as calling for Popovich’s job for stating his opinions.

What’s ironic about this entire situation is that the mouth-breathers who cry “Where’s the decorum and RESPECT for the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!?!” are the same morons who give President Trump a pass for saying dumb shit like this:

Or, you know, are cool about that time he openly mocked a guy with a disability:

I love sports and I love being a fan. I’m also an adult and not a child who understands that life is nuanced enough that the athletes who play on my team or actors in movies and TV shows I enjoy may have (*GASP!*) opinions that I may not agree with.

I’m also not saying that the left is impervious to ridicule (because they absolutely are not), but this is the “Colin Kaepernick protest-America First-anger” that cursed the NFL last season is morphing itself into another existing on another plane of ridiculous.

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