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Can We All Agree That The Median On N. 10th Is A Bad Idea?

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Construction is about halfway done on the median that is being installed on North 10th between Trenton and the outer rim of the universe and everybody, especially me, hate the fuck out of it.

2 months ago, the McAllen city commission, infamous for voting on things that no one McAllen is down with and helping keep tax payer money in the dark, voted to approve the construction of a median on 10th between Trenton and University to the tune of $500,000 of tax payer money.

The reasons why? What’s being floated around is “safety” due to a number of crashes that have happened along that strip, but in reality, I don’t think anyone’s got a fucking clue as to why they’re REALLY being installed. Another reason TxDOT presented was the congestion and growth in the area during a presentation last April, however most residents are making the argument that they’re actually making the congestion worse by backing up left turn lanes with cars needing to take U-turns. On McAllen’s website, the public hearing summary states the the official reasons:


Need and Purpose: SH 336 (10th St.) is a roadway that has experienced a significant increase in development in the area, both residential and commercial making travel within the area more time consuming, especially during the peak hour periods. With this growth and increased traffic volume, safety has becomes a concern. The proposed project would separate opposing traffic and improve congestion, mobility and safety by:

1. Introducing a raised median, reducing potential crash points
2. Creating full median opening at cross-streets and directional median openings in
between (approximately every quarter mile)
3. Providing a better flow of traffic.

In other words, speculative analysis on crashes that haven’t happened or may never happen.

McAllen City Commissioner Dist. 1, and possible inner-city, illiterate, abused black woman, Richard Cortez hasn’t been shy about showing off his giant hard-on for this project. He’s been the go-to cheerleader/punching bag for other city commissioners to lean on in supporting these medians, even in the face of wide-spread opposition from McAllen residents and business owners.

Debbie Crane-Aliseda, who lost to Cortez in the most recent City Commission election, wrote an opinion peace opposing the median. It’s mostly speculative and offers up little facts as to why the median is a bad idea, so..umm..good try, Debbie(?)

The truth is: this median is a bad idea that was proposed on half-assed intentions.

Just hit the reset button on 2016 already, McAllen.



  1. I can tell you 1 thing. This new median is the reason I avoid N. 10th st and don’t even go to surrounding stores in that area anymore. Good Job McAllen ??

  2. Whats needed is for the state to look at other ways and designs that other states build and design their highways.But they need to send smart engineering people not just anyone .There are beautiful highways and different designs in other states.Especially the damn expressways,damn I hate to say it but man do they need an expert to design them.And yes those meridians on 10st (nomas no).

  3. You can bet I go completely around that mess, I hate those type of medians.. I hate the one on N. Conway and how NO ONE KNOWS how to work with them. I just don’t go to those stores. I will bet you the stores in that area are going to take a hit. not just now while under construction., but in the future. Big city ideas that don’t even work in big cities. Causes all kinds of traffic being backed up.

  4. This blog (I think. Article?) Also doesn’t provide an argument for why the median is a bad thing. All it does is claim speculation, as if the city did zero research.

    I gladly welcome the median. There’s been an increase in crappy drivers who use the transitioning lane to DRIVE in. Here’s how it works. You get in the lane. YOU STOP. And when you have the right of way, you merge. If the median fixes this issue, I’m a happy camper.

  5. It’s called opinion, not truth. After reading the article. I disagree. Looks like you were just upset about it and made a big deal. So, why did you write the article? What was the main motive? Progress is always a good idea. I live near the area. There’s been several crashes, and I’m sure more would’ve crashed. I don’t like that they had all summer to do this though. School’s about to start and they’re not done yet. Poor timing in that respect. But good that they’re planning for our future.

  6. Does this median cause more traffic? Yes! But I definitely agree with it. I’ve seen local drivers and international drivers many times drive in the interchanging lane. That lane isn’t meant to be driven in. It’s meant for drivers to use to either turn or get into traffic. If the Valley drivers want to ignore traffic laws then we deserve for this median to be put up. McAllen shouldn’t feel any shame in building something that will cause you to get to McDonalds 5 minutes later.

  7. First of all the median Absolutely lowers accidents. I live in an area where if I take MCcoll at the South fiends there is a pain in the ads median where I never see accidents. It’s a pain but it keeps us all “In check”. Or I can take Jackson North bound and it’s like playing chicken in the turning lane. You see tons of fender benders to ugly accidents. Oh and by the way, the shoppers DO NOT stay away from the stores. The median is a pain but it keeps us alive just like a speed limit, traffic light, seat belt…. etc. Would. Mcallen is no longer small town. Stop wanting small town traffic. Just look at any big city. There’s a reason why they have one way streets in large cities. It minimizes accidents. Medians are the 1st step to minimizing traffic.

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