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Bad Ideas For When It’s Hot As Balls In The Valley

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rgv valley hot sun

It’s hot. You know this. I know this. Tim Smith can shove it. “Well, looks like it’s gonna be annuuuuuuther steamer outside!” Just stop. With weather like this, I don’t know how cool weather and lack of sunlight can make anyone depressed. I’m calling bullshit on seasonal affective disorder because I can not remember feeling better about my outlook on life, going outside to 100 degree heat and thinking “Gosh, I love how the suns rays are making my skin cry tears of joy ALL OVER my body! I LOVE you, my scorching hot devil ball of pain 🙂 🙂 ! ”


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NPR: RGV Entrenched In Corruption

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lupe trevino rgv the bench wire

In an article released today, NPR’s John Burnett and Marisa Penazola detail the recent history of public official corruption in the RGV and the means by which the federal and state authorities are using to try to eradicate it.

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Robert La Amenaza Garcia’s Career May Be Over

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robert la amenaza garcia

Robert La Amenaza Garcia was set to fight Errol Spence this Saturday on Spike TV but has pulled out from what’s being reported as a “mental breakdown,” the Monitor is reporting. His trainer, Edgar Sanchez believes that his career may actually be over and that he may be in need psychiatric counseling.

Garcia had won his last 9 fights with his last loss coming against Antonio Margarito back in 2010.

2015 Best Bars In McAllen Ranked

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the centennial club is one of the best bars in mcallen

McAllen has a lot of bars. Bars on 17th St., bars on Nolana, bars on Main, bars on 23rd, bars on Ware…So it might help if people knew which ones were actually worth the drive around.

To find the best bars in McAllen, we’ll need to take a few things into consideration before we grade them.

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McAllen Abortion Clinic May Remain Open

in RGV/The News
Mcallen abortion clinic

US Court of Appeals Judge ruled that McAllen’s Whole Women’s Heath Clinic on Bicentennial may remain open. The clinic is the only facility legally able to provide abortions south of San Antonio which led to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to rule that the clinic should be exempt from recent Texas law requiring clinics performing abortions to meet ambulatory surgical facilities.

The ruling is expected to be appealed in the US Supreme Court.

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