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Donna Mayoral Candidate Forgets He Doesn’t Actually Live In Donna; Get’s Disqualified

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Jose Ernesto Lugo Jr. had announced his intentions to run for Mayor of Donna back in early June, joining three others vying for the same spot. After months of campaigning and fundraising and customizing fancy polo shirts, the City of Donna has disqualified him from November’s mayoral race because Lugo seemingly forgot that he didn’t live within Donna city limits.

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PSYCH! Brownsville Shitty Commissioner Cesar De Leon Won’t Resign After All

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Cesar De Leon

WELP! The City of Brownsville spokeswoman Roxanna Rosas has stated that embattled Brownsville City Commissioner At Large “A” Cesar De Leon has rescinded his letter of resignation that he had submitted to the city just four days ago. This will be our fourth story covering this dip-shit and I’m already sick of it. Keep Reading

Video: Miami Dolphins Coach Snorting Cocaine (Update)

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Video has surfaced online of Miami Dolphins Offensive Line Coach Chris Foerster snorting a ton of cocaine at the Dolphins facilities right before heading into a team meeting. Keep Reading

Brownsville City Commissioner Cesar De Leon Has Resigned For The Dumbest Reason

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Three days after having apologized during a city commission meeting for calling two black county prosecutors “niggers,” as well as calling other female officials “bitch” and “twat,” among other things during a secretly recorded conversation between himself and Carlos Elizondo, and concluding the message affirmatively stating that he would not resign, Brownsville City Commissioner Cesar De Leon has resigned from his post effective immediately in the most bullshit way possible. Keep Reading

Piece of Shit Racist Brownsville City Commissioner Cesar De Leon Will Not Resign

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cesar de leon

Brownsville City Commissioner Cesar De Leon took the stand to read a prepared statement during last night’s City Commission meeting, apologizing for calling two black county prosecutors “niggers,” calling other female officials “bitch” and “twat,” among other things during a secretly recorded conversation between himself and Carlos Elizondo. In the statement, De Leon expressed that he would continue his “commitment to the people of Brownsville, nor will (he) back down in (his) fight for (their) great community.” In other words: he’s not resigning and that’s bullshit. 

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Audit: Donna ISD Was REALLY Run Like Shit

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donna isd

Earlier this year, Donna ISD’s newly elected school board reached out to the law firm of Weaver and Tidwell LLP to conduct a forensic audit “related to certain allegations of improper and/or fraudulent conduct on the part of Donna (ISD) employees, contractors, vendors and others” to cover between 2013-to-date and, by God, what a fucking mess. Keep Reading

Whataburger Is Being Sued By The EEOC For Attempted Racist Hiring Practices

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According to a press release made Monday, The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit against Whataburger in federal court in regards to facts surrounding the hiring practices of a Tallahassee, Florida based location. Keep Reading

Here Is The Leaked Audio of Brownsville Commissioner Cesar De Leon’s Racist Rant

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Audio has been circling around social media over the last 24 hours of Brownsville City Commissioner Cesar de Leon’s conversation with Brownsville fire chief, Carlos Elizondo, criticizing Cameron County District Attorney hiring of two black prosecutors, calling them “fucking niggers.” Keep Reading

TWC Data: Rio Grande Valley Has The Highest Unemployment Rate In Texas

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The Texas Workforce Commission sent out a press release earlier this week entitled “Texas Economy Adds 5,500 Jobs In August.” None of those jobs, seemingly, made their way to the Rio Grande Valley as McAllen-Edinburg Metro’s unemployment rose from 7.6% to 8.0% between July and August and Brownsville-Harlingen Metro’s unemployment rose from 7.0% to 7.3% in the same time period. Collectively, the Rio Grande Valley scored the highest unemployment rate for the month of August in the entire state. Keep Reading

One of These Morning Headlines Is Not Like The Others

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These are the top headlines for today, Monday, September 11th, 2017 (Presented alphabetically). Keep Reading

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