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POLL: Where Do You Get Most Of Your RGV News From?

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local rgv news

Although we’ve made clear our qualms with local news, we’d still like to know where everyone flocks toward to get their local scuttlebutt from.

So, who you got? Keep Reading

San Juan Mayor Mario Garza Quits County Job Hours Before Sheriff Opens Investigation Into His Department

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San Juan Mario Garza slate

Mario Garza, the man who had to go and ruin the perfect name-pairing of San Juanita Sanchez and San Juan, abruptly resigned from his post at the Hidalgo County Adult Probation department after 15 years on the job conveniently mere hours before the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s office opened a bribery and theft investigation into the department. Keep Reading

Did Vicente Gonzalez Give Away Popeyes Chicken For Votes? An Investigation!

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Vicente “Chente, Con La Gente, Omnipotente, La Puente, Ya Vete” Gonzalez (D-TX) is a few months into his first term representing our 15th congressional district and has already fallen victim of a deliciously succulent, juicy butter biscuit of a rumor and The Bench Wire is here to BLOW THIS MOTHER FUCKER WIDE OPEN! Keep Reading

Every Single RGV School Ranked, 2017

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Every RGV School Ranked 2017

Children At Risk, a non-profit watchdog on Texas education, has released their school rankings for 2017 and is here to keep neurotic parents up at night now knowing how shitty their kid’s school really is.  Keep Reading

Watch The Video That Got Mission PD Sgt. Manuel Casas Suspended

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Mission Police Department has suspended Sgt. Manuel Casas in response to a video posted on Facebook Live last week. Keep Reading

Cameron County Leaked Out Over 30,000 Social Security Numbers Of County Residents

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cameron county data leak

KRGV Channel 5 aired a special investigation by reporter Christian Von Preysing regarding the mishandling of sensitive information of over 30,000 Cameron County residents last night. Keep Reading

Hero Spurs Fan Files Lawsuit Against Zaza Pachulia For Injuring Kawhi Leonard

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Kawhi Leonard San Antonio Spurs Golden State Warriors

Spurs fan and owner of San Antonio sports collectibles store What’s On Second, Juan Vasquez has filed a lawsuit against both the Golden State Warriors and Zaza Pachulia over their role in the injury of Spurs’ superstar Kawhi Leonard. Keep Reading

May 2017 RGV Election Round-up

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McAllen Mayor Jim Darling May 2017 Election

For those NOT related to politiqueras and had no clue there were city and school board elections going on because we were all too busy preparing to watch Canelo’s 3-hour commercial to September’s REAL fight, The Bench Wire has you covered.

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