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Gawker Takes Down Story Because They Are Not The Bench Wire

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Gawker Media has removed their story of David Geithner, CFO of Conde Nest (who publishes GQ, Vanity Fair), and brother of Ex-Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, offering $2500 for a night with a gay porn star.

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Judge Recognizes Defendant From Middle School

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Miami Judge Mindy Glazer took some time to share a few positive words to the defendant standing across from her when she realized that he was a childhood friend from middle school. Justice Glazer reminds us that not everybody that breaks the law is a bad person, and that sometimes they just get off the track somehow.

This was your human moment of the day.

Macy’s To Donald Trump: You Are No Longer Employed With Us

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Macy’s announced today that they are dropping Donald Trump’s clothing line in response to his remarks on Mexican immigrants. As we mentioned in an earlier post, NBC cut ties with Trump over the same thing.

This has been your update on Donald Trump’s political free fall.

NBC To Donald Trump: You’re Fired

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After Donald Trump dug himself into a hole of shit, and then subsequently shitting all over that shit to try and rid his campaign of shit, NBC has informed Trump that they’ve had enough of his shit.

Like him or not, he makes great TV. I just hope he sticks around for the GOP debates.

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