College Football 2015 Week 1 Recap

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You can go the whole summer analyzing, dissecting what may or may not happen after week 1 of college football. Ironically, you end up with more questions than you did before. Let’s go over what we found out:

1) TCU Will Be Fine – Escaping Minnesota with a 6 point win might have caused a lot of people to start pushing the panic button. Mind you, this is the same Minnesota team that went 8-5 and kept Ohio State within arm’s reach last year. Come December after reeking havoc on the Big 12, this game will either be a distant memory ‘OR’ will be a testament to how good Minnesota actually is.

2) Oregon Will Only Be As Good As Their Defense – Oregon out-gunned Eastern Washington 61-42 on Saturday night because they can. Normally, a team who has 42 points hung on them isn’t coming out on the winning side. Yes, granted, Oregon is NOT your average offense and Eastern Washington is one of the best FCS schools in the country. But, really, allowing anyone into the end-zone 6 times raises a red flag; doesn’t matter who you are. What happens when Oregon get’s hit in the mouth by a real defense? What then?

3) Alabama Will Never Go Away – These last two years were supposed to be “down” years for the Crimson Tide and what do they have to show for it? A playoff spot last year and a systematic beatdown of a talented, veteran Wisconsin team to open up play this year. The Tide won’t ever fucking stop as long as Saban is around.

4) For Texas, This Year Is Already A Wash – Everyone in Austin knew that coming out of Notre Dame with a win would have been nothing short of a miracle, but not even Texas skeptics could have predicted how awful the Longhorns would’ve played on Saturday. For the third straight game, Texas has been blown-out and people are already starting to point fingers. After the opening weekend of college play, the Longhorns are dead last in total offense and scoring and things don’t look like they’re gonna get any better, no matter how optimistic Coach Charlie Strong is.

5) Ohio State Is Going To Destroy Everyone – The Buckeyes, legitimately, have 5 Heisman Trophy candidates on their roster. They have the best running back (Ezekiel Elliot), the best quarterback(s) (Cardale Jones, J.T. Barrett), the best defensive player who also happens to be the highest rated NFL prospect (Joey Bosa).

Who else am I forgetting? OH YEAHH! This guy:


Top 5 Teams (no real surprises here)
1) Ohio State
2) TCU
3) Alabama
4) Baylor
5) Michigan State

Heisman Watch:
1) Ezekiel Elliot – Ohio State
2) Trevone Boykin – TCU
3) Derrick Henry – Alabama
4) Royce Freeman – Oregon
5) Braxton Miller – Ohio State

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