Congratulations, Brownsville. You Are The Unhealthiest City In America

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Yesterday, WalletHub released the findings of their study of the healthiest cities in the United States, comparing the top 174 most populated U.S. cities among metrics such as access to affordable healthcare, fruit and vegetable consumption, and fitness clubs per capita. In true Brownsville fashion, the oft-forgotten residents who only pop back into our memory once something goes (and it always does) terribly wrong for them, found themselves ranked dead last in the Wallethub rankings claiming the title as America’s Unhealthiest City.

Brownsville scored an overall health score of 24.74, which just so happens to be about the lbs. of lard the average Brownsville resident consumes in a day. The city ranked dead last in health care and fruit/vegetable consumption because Hot Cheetos with cheese is Brownsville’s signature dish.

An interactive map was made available by WalletHub just to remind everyone that the closer you get to the Valley, the unhealthier the residents are:

Source: WalletHub

With SpaceX growing in notoriety, maybe Elon will spot them a Whole Foods or something, you know, if he doesn’t forget they exist.


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