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Hidalgo Mayor Pro Tem Noe Reyes Is An Asshole

With the back and forth non-sense that’s been circling around the future of Borderfest, The Monitor just dropped a pretty crazy story about Hidalgo Jr Mayor Noe Reyes, Hidalgo City Councilman Sergio Coronado, Municipal Judge Juan Pimentel and their goodwill trip to Rio de Janeiro.

For those not in the know, Borderfest typically themes itself around a different country every year, so usually delegates from Hidalgo will go to said themed country on behalf of Borderfest as part of a showing of goodwill toward each other’s culture. As it played out, Reyes & Co. flew out to Brazil to “learn and experience” Rio Carnaval, a large celebration that has been Brazil’s premiere attraction for years. After they arrived in Rio, they met up with their host, Daniel Baldacci, president of the International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA) in Latin America. Baldacci reserved the beginning of their official tour for the following day to allow them to tour the city freely, but the group from Hidalgo insisted they be escorted around Rio for local clubs/bars to get wrecked at. It was at dinner later that evening (2 AM, apparently) when shit hit the fan between the group and their host.

According to Baldacci, the clock had already struck 2 a.m. when Reyes began asking about plans for the following day.
“He drank all night, so he was very drunk,” Baldacci recalled. “There are people that when they drink (they) feel they are much more powerful than what they are. I had already showed him the plans for the schedules, but, you know, when people get drunk, they repeat things all the time.”
Reyes allegedly began demanding to meet with the governor and insisted Baldacci make it possible.

To help you understand, the city of Rio de Janeiro has a mayor and the larger state of Rio de Janeiro, which includes other smaller surrounding cities, has a Governor. Rio has close to 6.4 million people in it and you have Reyes here, who isn’t even the actual Mayor of a town of 11,000 people, demanding to meet one of the most powerful men in the country.

“You said, that for you, only the governor matters,” Baldacci says. “So the governor has many other things. Security…”
Reyes interrupts. “If the governor doesn’t have time for me, then you don’t have the power,” the mayor pro tem tells Baldacci.

Reyes, drunk with power and probably a ton of fruit liquor, thought it best to just lay it out and openly insult the guy he JUST fucking met…but don’t worry; our boy Danny has got something for our Jr Mayor..

“(Just) like you are here from Hidalgo, but you are not the mayor. It doesn’t mean that you don’t worth anything,” Baldacci tells Reyes in a thick accent.
Coronado, however, seems to take offense at that moment and can be heard saying, “Oh my God. Don’t…Don’t… no…no.”.

Fatality. Baldacci got ’em where it hurt and Coronado’s acting like he just committed an unforgivable sin.

Baldacci tries to explain the size of Rio, with a population of 6.3 million people, and asks Reyes about the size of Hidalgo, which has about 13,000 people.
“It doesn’t matter how big it is,” Reyes responds. “You know what? Cancel the meeting tomorrow…. You’re useless and I’m saying it. Tomorrow, if Joe Vera comes, I’m gonna tell him the same thing. We need a new Latin American president.”

You know what’s more useless than the president of international festivals in Latin America? A Jr Mayor of a town that can be run by a 15 year old playing Sim City.

“I am here,” Reyes responds. “But if they’re not willing … If they’re not able, if they’re not wanting to come down from that pedestal and say, ‘OK, let me meet that mayor pro tem…’ If your Rio de Janeiro governor is so important, hey, then what am I? Chopped liver?”

No, You’re not chopped liver, Reyes. You’re an asshole.

They subsequently left Brazil having virtually insulted this guy for no reason, enough so to have the incident warrant an apology by Borderfest President Joe Vera III for their group’s behavior.

Way to go, Hidalgo. That’s why you can’t keep Borderfest, and it only cost the city $18,000 .


    • Yea and he is actually the Regional Director for valley nursing homes with Regency Windsor. He runs that company the same way, with arrogance. He is a first class idiot. He intimidates women and has sexually harassed so many women but has used his power and bullying to fire them.

  1. These are the only politicians in South Texas taking photos with and endorsing Sergio Munoz, Jr. Guess we know the caliber he runs with

  2. They want to suck evry doller from the city of Hidalgo. People of Hidalgo are idiots for electing this trash.

    • You’re saying that they’re idiots right? Then your name is Juan Pimentel for president which means you’re an idiot too for wanting to elect this “trash” You obviously don’t understand that Juan Pimentel and Noe Reyes are acquaintances and run in politics together all the time.

  3. To the author, thanks for such a detailed and insightful article. These clowns think they can do as they please and go unchecked. I personally know them from Valley View ISD and in my experience they are poorly educated but yet well connected individuals. I mean last time I checked you needed some kind of law degree to be judge but yet Pimentel some how holds that position in Hidalgo without one? Reyes is a joke as well, just another example of a crooked, greedy, self righteous politician. These guys line their pockets with Valley View ISD’s money while the children still use the same old out of date computers, the gym at several schools are a disgrace, the drop off at the Junior High isn’t even paved! I could go on and on with a list of issues but those who know KNOW! Printing this article may not change things but at least these RATS aren’t fooling anyone.

  4. Hidalgo is one of the most corrupted cities in the RGV. Illegal gambling everywhere, same group of politicians running the city for decades, etc, etc. Corruption at its best

  5. Yup sounds just like the idiot (Noe Reyes) that’s in trouble for fraud. Apparently he charged the state for make-believe patients. Bend over here comes Big Brother with his big d!€ to get u NOE. ???

  6. I hope Borderfest kills in Mcallen. Borderfest Hidalgo has always been bland bland bland…..Last time i went was for my son’s Karate exhibition and his first time ever there and he wanted to go home within minutes. Hopefully Mcallen will bring in more Festival activities beside the high dollar concerts that Hidalgo always had. P.S…..I’m from Hidalgo.

  7. Based on Vera’s testimony today in court, it looks like some of these guys are going to go hang out with Lupe at Club Fed.

  8. Hidalgo is being seen as a joke because of the Borderfest issue. I enjoy my time at Borderfest in Hidalgo seeing old friends and reminiscing about the good old days growing up there. If everything in this article is true and Reyes did do what is written, then I am embarrassed for our city. Borderfest is a tradition that is bigger than any city. Let’s celebrate the festival regardless of where it is.

  9. That is an embarrassment to the City of Hidalgo. Unfortuantely the citizens of Hidalgo will lose out on the event they have had for many years because of this self-centered, unprofessional and unethical politician. It’s true one cannot judge until you know the facts. I felt Joe Vera betrayed the city that entrusted him with being their City Manager. That his position as Borderfest president gave him the ability to stab the City of Hidalgo in the back, but that’s not even close. Joe Vera could’ve made this situation public back then but seems like he had higher ethics and moral standards as to not embarrass these men nor the City of Hidalgo. He did the right thing in sending a formal apology to the Brazilian rep. and directing Borderfest elsewhere.

  10. And that’s why Hidalgo will never be more than a simple, dusty, class C border town in the eyes of the world and our RGV…they act like they are in the “Rancho”…

  11. Mr. J. Vera did his job when he was Hidalgo.. He knew the type of people that the city elects.. Maybe thats why he moved, just tired of the citys bullshit. Now people complain about him. He knew what happen in Brazil and he didn’t speak but HIDALGO city felt betrayed by MR. JOE VERA.. I guess someone (group of people) betrayed Hidalgo…how sad..THANKS NOE REYES for the reputation of the HIDALGO BORDERFEST

  12. I just saw a post from facebook..CUIDAD DE HIDALGO..a lady K.CANTU posted todavia falta las ratas de hablar…is she meaning NOE REYES AND THE REST OF RATS…

  13. Ke pueden esperar de un pinche Indio naco como noe reyes vale pito su tiempo se va a llegar la ley del karma viene y se va!

  14. que se puede esperar de esta gente muerta de hambre y de poder,se lo permitieron,en valley view y en la ciudad,no se quejen es lo que elijieron,ahora esta la reputación de Hidalgo por los suelos,los inversionistas se retiraran y pasaran muchos anos,para que hidalgo regrese a la normalidad,el pone gente,quita gente,dividen a la comunidad,con su grupo en Facebook,ofendiendo y publicando cosas sin sentido,dando la libertad a una vieja loca de hidalgo que tiene complejo de ser la primera dama,metiche,ignorante,sin la mas minima educación,todos saben quien es pero por su familia y educación no la exiben públicamente,esto merese un castigo ejemplar del Condado,la Ciudad de Hidalgo,pero sobre todo de esa Comunidad que esta secuestrada,por estos grandes politicos que en menos de 15 meses destrosaron a una Comunidad Noble,de la cual Abusan amenasando que si no estas con ellos,no hay trabajo,habra despidos,no habrá aumentos,etc……..lo menos por dignidad es que renuncien……..

  15. Write a whole article about how his daughter gave my camarada head at a bk in weslaco or I’ll tell everyone who you are, ese. I’ll give you all the details.

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