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It’s Time For the Dallas Cowboys To End Their Season Already

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After losing their 5th straight game Sunday, a 13-12 loss to the struggling Seahawks, the Dallas Cowboys and their fans need to come to terms with the reality of their situation:

It’s time to pack it up and call it a season.

I’m not a proponent of teams tanking, but when both Dez Bryant and Tony Romo went down back in September, the best the Cowboys could have hoped for was that Brandon Weeden could have kept the ship afloat long enough to salvage the season for when both could return and maybe make a push for the playoffs.

That didn’t work out.

And now, not even a change in quarterback could help save their season from falling apart. The Cowboys were doomed, but nobody really wanted to admit it.

The Cowboys still have the Eagles, Dolphins, Panthers and Packers to play, and one could argue that those games would be difficult wins even with the Cowboys at full strength.

Reports indicate that Romo will be game ready by the time Dallas plays the Panthers on Thanksgiving. Assuming they continue to play like they have been, the Cowboys could potentially be 2-8 by then. At that point, they’d be all but mathematically eliminated from playoff contention and would gain absolutely nothing from letting Romo back onto the field. He’s now 35 years old and is in the latter peak of his career. Putting Romo in harms way for virtually nothing would be senseless.

This season, more so than any others, we learned just how valuable Tony Romo is to his team. Every game, basically, becomes unwinnable without Romo under center. It’s not only a testament to just how great of a player he is, but also tells us just how unprepared Jerry Jones has made his team sans Romo.

The Dallas Cowboys have nothing to play for this season. They should just let their rookies get their reps and just to let this season go. It wouldn’t be such a bad thing for Dallas if they ended up with a top 10 pick and landed one of the million running backs lighting it up in college this season.

Choose wisely, Jerry.

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