Local Asshole Files Lawsuit Against RGV Schools For Copying His Stupid Ideas

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In an article posted by The Monitor, Johnny Lopez, owner of Springboards To Education and it’s terrible website, of Edinburg has filed a lawsuit against McAllen ISD, PSJA ISD, La Joya ISD, Mission ISD and IDEA charter schools for using the phrases “Millionaire Reader,” “Read a Million Words, “Millionaire’s Reading Club,” “Million Dollar Reader,” “Feel Like a Million Bucks” to incentivize their kids to read.

From The Monitor:

As of Tuesday afternoon, nine lawsuits had been filed by Springboards to Education claiming “trademark infringement, trademark dilution and unfair competition arising from defendants’ unauthorized use of Springboard’s federally registered trademarks,” the lawsuits state. Details of the trademark state these are protected for the creation of curriculum, teaching materials and other related materials, such as certificates that promote reading and language. The first use of all of these phrases go back to 2005 or 2006, the trademark certificates show. Lopez said the validity of his product is backed by his research and continues to be used in districts around the country and around the world. But after approaching some of the districts mentioned in the lawsuit with these products, he said they refused to buy the product, creating instead their own, which he later noticed included some of his protected materials.

So let’s get this timeline straight:

Lopez develops a “curriculum” and “packages” to incentivize kids to read, which includes a program/reward for kids who have read, literally, a million words.

Got it? Ok.

He subsequently creates an entire business based off of this comically simple model and trademarks a few corny-ass phrases like “Millionaire Reader” and “Million Dollar Reader” etc to slap on certificates and banners or whatever. He packages all of these “programs” and “curriculum” to sell to schools all over the Valley, going district to district selling the same, again, overly simplified concept/model to incentivize kids to read. Some of the districts don’t bite and they end up making their own “incentive programs” and start slapping certificates and banners with “Millionaire Reader” and “Million Dollar Reader” and now Lopez believes whole-heartedly that he has a case against these schools for using these phrases.

Besides the point that there is no commercial gain from these schools using the phrase “Millionaire Reader” in attempts to incentivize their kids, Lopez is likely alleging loss of business due to these school’s infringement of his copy-write. Honestly, I don’t blame the guy for lashing out to other districts if his business is suffering from them, but in reality, the party that had the most damaging effect toward his business was Lopez himself for being stupid enough to cement his business on a model that was so easy to duplicate.

Fuck this guy.

Maybe the day this gets thrown out, I’ll print Lopez a “Non-Million Dollar Settlement” certificate for him to remember this stupid lawsuit by.


  1. You might want to start printing “LOPEZ LOCAL ASSHOLE HAS BECOME A MILLIONAIRE” he just won his first lawsuit and the judge awarded him 480 million dollars.

    As far as I know this guy has a masters degree and is very well educated, I do not understand why you are insulting him. You might want to research the cost to trademark a product.

    It seems to me that you are just pissed at the world. If his idea was so stupid, why are the school districts using it? Maybe because it works? …….



    • I don’t deny that I’m an asshole, but saying that this dude won $480 mil is fake news, Flor.

      First, these were filed in federal court in July of last year in the Federal Northern District of Texas in because the cause of action is a trademark infringement from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The case was then transferred to the Southern District of Texas a few months later. Anyone with the least bit of legal experience will tell you that federal court is notoriously slow. There’s absolutely no way that you can file a lawsuit in July, go through the entire litigation process of discovery, depositions, voir dire (Springboard requested a jury), hold an entire trial AND jury deliberations in just 10 months.

      Second, do you think the defendants are just going to be cool with forking over millions without an appeal?

      Lastly, a quick look at PACER (because someone needs to clearly point you in the right direction) will tell you that none of these cases have concluded.


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