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Lou “La Bamba” Diamond Phillips Arrested In Corpus For DWI After Asking A Cop For Directions

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Lou Diamond Phillips was arrested last night at 1:35 AM in Portland, TX (north of Corpus) by the cop he asked directions from. The cop immediately realized Phillips was hammered and administered a field sobriety exam. After failing said exam, Phillips was arrested and subsequently took a breathalyzer and blew a .20 BAC (the legal limit is .08).

Phillips was scheduled to speak at an event in Corpus earlier this morning to which, clearly, he wasn’t able to make.

If you’ve been living under a rock or simply didn’t pay attention to the movie your middle school math teacher made you watch, Phillips is famous for his roles as Angel in Stand and Deliver and later Ritchie Valens in La Bamba. Phillips also happens to be an alumnus of Flour Bluff High School in Corpus, where I’m sure he took “Cal-Culos.”

Kimo would not be proud.

UPDATE: EXCLUSIVE PICS submitted by The Bench Wire reader Albert Gomez of La Bamba’s WILD NIGHT!

Stay tuned for more updates.


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