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Progreso PD: Don’t Call Us When You Actually Need Help

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Earlier today, KRGV’s Trason Bragg reported on a Progreso woman who was attacked by a pack of dogs in her own neighborhood. What really MAKES this story, however, is that when she attempted to call Progreso PD’s direct line, that shit went straight to voicemail.

From the article:

(San Juanita) Nilo’s calls to the police department reached their voicemail only. Her calls for help went unanswered. “If they’re going to be forwarding people’s calls to voicemail why have people working there?” Benita Nilo, the woman’s daughter, questioned.

Bragg demonstrated a phone call to Progreso PD’s direct line and got the same result.

When asked about why the phone wasn’t being answered, man who desperately needs some PR coaching and Progreso Police Chief David Hernandez explained, “It’s a landline but it’s transferred over to a cell phone… So the officers actually carry that phone. It’s probably the wear and tear. It does freeze every once in a while, and the officers are not aware that the phone actually freezes.”

Jesus. So so SOO many questions here. If they know about the problem, wouldn’t that mean that someone else has tried to reach them and had this problem before? Why don’t they switch out the phone? Why don’t they have a receptionist, a dispatch, or even an answering service to help answer those calls?

Hernandez advised that in the event of an emergency, residents should dial 911 to reach Hidalgo County Sheriff’s department instead.

In the meantime, if someone would like to donate their used phone to this mess of a city, please reach out to Progreso Police Department at 956-565-9266 and please leave your name and number after the beep.



  1. I live in this town and i am outrange of the corruption and no one ever says nothing maybe thats why the city ,school board, ppd do what ever they want and get away with it.

  2. Yeah that usually happens when the city doesn’t pay the $30 monthly phone bill. I use to have County call my personal phone to relay 911 calls SMH. It falls on the city not the police department

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