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Rep. Terry Canales Goes On Epic 2 AM Rant About McAllen Iglesias Secret Spending

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At 2:19 AM Sunday morning, I was about 5 or 6 tequila and sodas in, clumsily climbing into my car and trying my best not to alert the cop parked a mere 20 feet away of my absolute incapacity to operate a motor vehicle. Glamour shot enthusiast and State Rep. Terry Canales, on the other hand, thought it would be a good time to tweet out a rant.

Like most of us, Canales thinks it’s pretty shady that McAllen officials have fought hard enough to find a loophole that would allow them to keep how much they paid Enrique Iglesias in the dark.

Canales, who may not be immune to staying off his phone when (presumably) drunk, kept it rolling.

Pullin’ out the grassroots “We The People” part of the rant on us now. I’m surprised Canales didn’t just tweet the constitution, word for word.

Giving credit where credit’s due, Canales has been the most outspoken local official about the City of McAllen’s handling of “Iglesiasgate” and has since promised in a press release about a month ago to propose legislation that would keep something like this from happening again.

From the release:

“Let me make this clear: McAllen city government has been a leader in Texas in being transparent in what it does, such as being among the first to provide live broadcasts of its city commission meetings and providing on their Internet the entire city commission agenda packets…My legislation would prevent in the future the signing of any contracts by state or local governments where the payments are not readily available to the public.”

Of all the talk about transparency, ironically, Canales, himself, has been mixed up before in controversy involving a payment made to former Judge Melo Ochoa to reduce the bond of one of Canales’ clients. Canales has since denied the allegations and no charges have been filed against him to date.

On with the tweets!

Honestly, this is the first rumor I’ve heard about Enrique’s trip down here in December that DOESN’T involve the Edinburg Echo Hotel and midgets.

MEEEEE-OOOWWWW! Terry’s pulling out the claws now, you guys!

“Where is everyone else?” It’s 3 AM, Terry. Everyone else was probably asleep and..again, I was very very drunk and probably halfway down my 2nd Jalepeño Cheddar Biscuit sandwich with sausage, egg, and cheese that night…so, I can’t say for certain that I was really thinking about government transparency at the time.

At the end of it, he’s right. It’s shitty that McAllen refuses to let tax-payers know where their money went to last December and if someone, like Canales, doesn’t do something about it, the residents of McAllen will go through the same garbage next Christmas.

No one really knows, however, just what on earth sparked this sudden blast by Canales. KGBT reported that it may have been a House of Cards episode. I’m guessing it was probably a combination of scotch and inspiration by reading The Bench Wire.

I’m going with my theory. THANKS FOR READING TERRY! =)


  1. Drinking and driving isn’t a joke. Thousands of people die because of it, and you shouldn’t make light of it. Shame on you.

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