Sharyland Blockbuster Autistic Son

Sharyland Family Builds Mini Blockbuster For Autistic Son

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The Zuniga family of Sharyland have gone viral after they built a mini-Blockbuster in their home for their autistic son who was devastated when his local Blockbuster shut down.

Javier Zuniga tweeted photos of his family surprising his brother with his gift:

At the time of this writing, the post has been re-tweeted over 20,000 times and the story is trending at the top of Reddit.

Earlier this year, the Blockbuster on Shary Road announced it would be closing its business and began selling off their inventory a few weeks ago. One would assume this is how Zuniga’s parents were able to purchase the racks, the rental boxes, and the signage for their project.

For those who don’t understand autism all too well, it’s a developmental disability on a spectrum scale that ranges between symptoms and severity. One particular symptom is difficulty dealing with sudden changes in routines and patterns that they have established. Persons on the autism spectrum have a much more difficult time coping with these changes so you can imagine how difficult it may be for a person with autism to deal with a closing of a business model that virtually doesn’t exist anymore. What’s fitting is that April is also National Autism Awareness month.

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  1. This is so awesome I worked with Hector at North Junior High in Special Ed. He is a great student and very lovable. I have great memories of Hector while he was my student at North.

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