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Starbucks Served Drinks With Poop Bacteria In Them

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In news that’s as shitty as it sounds (and yes, picking that low hanging fruit), a BBC investigation found high levels of fecal bacteria in iced drinks at Starbucks located in the U.K.

Iced coffee from two other coffee chains, Nero and Costa Coffee, were also found to contain traces of fecal bacteria. Examinations were done in 30 branches of each coffee chain and the results found that at Nero and Starbucks, three out of every ten iced drinks contained fecal bacteria with Costa Coffee samples scoring even worse at seven out of ten drinks.

When confronted with the results, Starbucks said that it is conducting its own investigation into BBC’s claims.

So the next time you drink your Starbucks and think “Man, my Starbs tasted kinda shitty today,” you might actually be right.

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