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best bars in mcallen

2017 Best Bars In McAllen Ranked

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Suerte Bar and Grill McAllen Texas

Can you believe that this will be the third yearly edition of the Best Bars in McAllen?

No. You can’t, because even I didn’t think I’d still be writing this garbage in 2017 but HERE WE ARE!

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2016 Best Bars In McAllen Ranked

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El Devino

Last year, our list of the best bars in McAllen was met with literally no acclaim from ANYONE we ranked on the list. (thanks guys!)

So here’s a toast to another year of The Bench Wire going, potentially, unnoticed. (here, HERE!)

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2015 Best Bars In McAllen Ranked

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the centennial club is one of the best bars in mcallen

McAllen has a lot of bars. Bars on 17th St., bars on Nolana, bars on Main, bars on 23rd, bars on Ware…So it might help if people knew which ones were actually worth the drive around.

To find the best bars in McAllen, we’ll need to take a few things into consideration before we grade them.

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