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Ezequiel Reyna, Jr. Calls A.C. Cuellar A Loser 7 Times In Lawsuit Motion.

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Ezequiel Reyna AC Cuellar

Last week, Ezequiel Reyna Jr. and his attorneys filed a motion to dismiss on the grounds of a baseless cause of action after Reyna was added as a member of a lawsuit between A.C. Cuellar and newly elected County Commissioner David Fuentes in regards to improper finance contributions. Keep Reading

Ezequiel Reyna, Jr., Weslaco Attorney, Is Also Being Sued By A.C. Cuellar

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In October of last year, we reported that former Hidalgo County Commissioner A.C. Cuellar filed a lawsuit against newly elected Commissioner David Fuentes alleging election finance misconduct to the tune of $550,000 of unreported expenditures and contributions during the May primary elections.

Last Wednesday, however, A.C. Cuellar’s attorneys have filed an amended petition that included new allegations of misconduct as well as add Ezequiel Reyna, Jr., a prominent mid-Valley attorney who also happens to be Fuentes’ uncle, to the lawsuit. Keep Reading

Hidalgo Co. Commissioner AC Cuellar Is Suing The Guy He Lost To

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Naxiely Lopez of the Monitor is reporting that Hidalgo County Commissioner AC Cuellar has filed suit against his opponent David Fuentes claiming Fuentes committed “fundamental campaign finance violations regarding transparency of the political system.” Keep Reading

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