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Butthurt Pro-Trump Spurs Fans Mad At Popovich For Having Opinions

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Gregg Popovich

Between the Kawhi Leonard’s injury and the subsequent public fallout between Leonard and the rest of the franchise, the plague of injuries, that small moment where they legitimately almost found themselves out of the playoffs for the first time in 21 years, the San Antonio Spurs have, yet, another layer of shit to add to the heap: Butthurt Pro-Trump fans. Keep Reading

RGV U.S. Representatives Will Boycott Presidential Inauguration

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Congressman Vicente Gonzalez (D-McAllen) and Congressman Filemon Vela (D-Brownsville) have both released statements today that they will not attend President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration Friday.

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Brownsville US Rep. Filemon Vela to Trump: “Shove Your Border Wall Up Your Ass”

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filemon vela

In this week’s episode of ‘Tell Us How You Really Feel,’ Brownsville US Rep. Filemon Vela has had just about enough of Trump’s shit. Keep Reading

Donald Trump Is Now The Last Man Standing In GOP Race

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republican debate 2016 trump

Nearly 11 months after he announced his candidacy for President, which featured controversial statements about illegal Mexican immigrants that set the tone for the rest of his campaign, Donald Trump has all but clinched the Republican nomination. Keep Reading

Bobby Jindal’s Website Is, Straight Up, All About Trump

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bobby jindal trump

If you’re Republican Presidential candidate Bobby Jindal, I don’t have to tell you that things aren’t going so hot for you right now. So what do you do when you’re polling at the very bottom of the pile? Latch yourself on to some other dude to get your name out there a little more, right?

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Who’s Ready For The Republican Debate Tonight?

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republican debate 2016 trump

The stiff talking heads of the GOP will be on display on stage for the first time this election cycle and, by God, it’s gonna to be wonderful.

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Macy’s To Donald Trump: You Are No Longer Employed With Us

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donald trump

Macy’s announced today that they are dropping Donald Trump’s clothing line in response to his remarks on Mexican immigrants. As we mentioned in an earlier post, NBC cut ties with Trump over the same thing.

This has been your update on Donald Trump’s political free fall.

NBC To Donald Trump: You’re Fired

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After Donald Trump dug himself into a hole of shit, and then subsequently shitting all over that shit to try and rid his campaign of shit, NBC has informed Trump that they’ve had enough of his shit.

Like him or not, he makes great TV. I just hope he sticks around for the GOP debates.

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