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VIDEO: Ezekiel Elliott May Have Punched Out A Man During A Bar Fight

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Early reports are indicating that Dallas Cowboys’ star running back was involved in an incident at Clutch Bar in Dallas late last night. Keep Reading

Writers Need To Stop Preaching To The NFL To Be The Moral Police

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On Monday, Drew Magary wrote an article for GQ criticizing the NFL for dragging their feet investigating Ezekiel Elliott’s alleged incident with his ex-Girlfriend this past summer. For those who know me personally, know that Magary is my spirit animal. His writing style alone is one of the greater inspirations that led us to build The Bench Wire. It pains me to say, however, that Drew Magary needs to, very much, shut the fuck up.

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College Football 2015 Week 4 Recap

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college football 2015 recap week 4

No real major upsets (Unless you count Utah’s stomping all over of Oregon an “upset”) this week in college football, which means we get to speculate EVEN MORE about the teams that haven’t exactly fallen flat on their face yet (TCU) and teams that should just sim to the next season (Texas).
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