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RGV GOP Staffer Sold Out Her Grandpa and Duped Our Governor To Believe A Story That Didn’t Exist

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Cassie Luevano Ricardo Zavala

On Saturday, Dave Hendricks of KGBT Channel 4 covered a story about Homero Guzman, an elderly man who was robbed at gunpoint outside a South McAllen Church’s Chicken and how his granddaughter Cassie Luevano, who happens to be a Republican Party staffer, claimed the suspect of being an illegal alien, using twitter to spread her grandfather’s incident, pining for stringent border security to a point where even the Governor of Texas replied to her directly.

Late last night we found out that Luevano and the tens of thousands of people that believed her story were wrong. Keep Reading

Donald Trump Is Now The Last Man Standing In GOP Race

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republican debate 2016 trump

Nearly 11 months after he announced his candidacy for President, which featured controversial statements about illegal Mexican immigrants that set the tone for the rest of his campaign, Donald Trump has all but clinched the Republican nomination. Keep Reading

Who’s Ready For The Republican Debate Tonight?

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republican debate 2016 trump

The stiff talking heads of the GOP will be on display on stage for the first time this election cycle and, by God, it’s gonna to be wonderful.

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