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The Bench Wire’s 2018 NFL Playoffs Preview (Wildcard Round)

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2018 NFL Playoffs Preview Wildcard

The playoffs are here and it’s HIGHLY likely that your team’s season is over. BUT there are still a lot of great games and great matchups to look forward to for the next month.

Your best drinking buddies at The Bench Wire are here to give you our amazingly insightful look into the playoffs so that you actually sound like you know what the hell you’re talking about at your friend’s BBQ this weekend.

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VIDEO: Ezekiel Elliott May Have Punched Out A Man During A Bar Fight

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Early reports are indicating that Dallas Cowboys’ star running back was involved in an incident at Clutch Bar in Dallas late last night. Keep Reading

JaMarcus Russell Really, Really Wants To Play Again

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jamarcus russell.0

In probably the saddest story you’ll read about today, former #1 pick JaMarcus Russell is scrapping the bottom of every barrel he has in front of him to get himself back into the league. The ex-Oakland Raiders QB recently told Sports Illustrated that he would “play for free” for any team that gave him a shot.
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Antwaan Randle-El Regrets Playing Football

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If former Steelers WR Antwaan Randle-El had a chance to do it all over again, he would have stayed away from football.
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The Bench Wire 2015 NFL Preview

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NFL football

IT’S HERE! When one off-season passes you think, “There’s no way next year can be just as bad.” The NFL, it’s players, it’s owners, are all gifts that continue to give all through the Spring and Summer as we wait for another season to kick off. From bloodied children to mass exoduses, the NFL off-season reminds us that some of these fast giants are weird fucking people. But none of it matters now.

it’s fucking go time.

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VIDEO: Tom Brady Smashing Phone With Ballghazi Scandal Evidence

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Video exclusively obtained by The Bench Wire CLEARLY shows Tom Brady and Bill Belichick SMASHING their phones to rid them of ballghazi evidence, quite possibly while they were both high. As it’s been reported, the NFL has upheld Brady’s original 4 game suspension. Hulk smashing evidence couldn’t have helped.

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