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San Juan Mayor Mario Garza Straight Up Lied About Not Being Fired From County Job

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san juan mayor mario garza

Last we checked on San Juan Mayor Mario Garza, he had JUST “walked out” of his job of 15 years at the Hidalgo County Adult Probation right before the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office had opened an investigation into the department. Garza had called the timing of his departure “so wrong” and told reporters that he had been “burnt out.”

Turns out, he lied. Keep Reading

San Juan Mayor Mario Garza Quits County Job Hours Before Sheriff Opens Investigation Into His Department

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San Juan Mario Garza slate

Mario Garza, the man who had to go and ruin the perfect name-pairing of San Juanita Sanchez and San Juan, abruptly resigned from his post at the Hidalgo County Adult Probation department after 15 years on the job conveniently mere hours before the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s office opened a bribery and theft investigation into the department. Keep Reading

Did Vicente Gonzalez Give Away Popeyes Chicken For Votes? An Investigation!

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Vicente “Chente, Con La Gente, Omnipotente, La Puente, Ya Vete” Gonzalez (D-TX) is a few months into his first term representing our 15th congressional district and has already fallen victim of a deliciously succulent, juicy butter biscuit of a rumor and The Bench Wire is here to BLOW THIS MOTHER FUCKER WIDE OPEN! Keep Reading

May 2017 RGV Election Round-up

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McAllen Mayor Jim Darling May 2017 Election

For those NOT related to politiqueras and had no clue there were city and school board elections going on because we were all too busy preparing to watch Canelo’s 3-hour commercial to September’s REAL fight, The Bench Wire has you covered.

Keep Reading

POLL: Who Are You Voting For? (2017 McAllen Mayoral Election)

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mcallen mayor jim darling othal brand jr

Well…who are you voting for? Poll ends Saturday at 3:00 PM Keep Reading

Husband of Donna Mayor Dead From Apparent Suicide

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Donna mayor irene munoz

Two anonymous sources close to the situation have tipped The Bench Wire off of the apparent suicide of the husband of Irene Muñoz, Mayor of Donna. The incident allegedly occurred sometime yesterday morning at Mayor Muñoz’ residence. Keep Reading

BREAKING: Judge Rudy Delgado Will Seek Election To Texas 13th Court of Appeals

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Judge Rudy Delgado 93rd Court

Sources close to candidate camps have notified us at The Bench Wire that current 93rd. District Court Judge Rudy Delgado will be expected to run for one of the four potential spots for the Texas 13th District Court of Appeals this coming November. Keep Reading

Ezequiel Reyna, Jr. Calls A.C. Cuellar A Loser 7 Times In Lawsuit Motion.

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Ezequiel Reyna AC Cuellar

Last week, Ezequiel Reyna Jr. and his attorneys filed a motion to dismiss on the grounds of a baseless cause of action after Reyna was added as a member of a lawsuit between A.C. Cuellar and newly elected County Commissioner David Fuentes in regards to improper finance contributions. Keep Reading

Confirmed: City of Edinburg, Officials Under FBI Investigation (Updating)

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Edinburg City FBI Investigation

The Monitor broke the story after receiving tips about a potential FBI raid at Edinburg City Hall on Monday. Keep Reading

RGV GOP Staffer Sold Out Her Grandpa and Duped Our Governor To Believe A Story That Didn’t Exist

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Cassie Luevano Ricardo Zavala

On Saturday, Dave Hendricks of KGBT Channel 4 covered a story about Homero Guzman, an elderly man who was robbed at gunpoint outside a South McAllen Church’s Chicken and how his granddaughter Cassie Luevano, who happens to be a Republican Party staffer, claimed the suspect of being an illegal alien, using twitter to spread her grandfather’s incident, pining for stringent border security to a point where even the Governor of Texas replied to her directly.

Late last night we found out that Luevano and the tens of thousands of people that believed her story were wrong. Keep Reading

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