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The Bench Wire’s 2016 Election Night Predictions

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It’s finally here. It’s almost over. By this time tomorrow we will have a new president-elect and find something else to argue about for the next few years until 2020. But before this shitstorm ends, we have one last shot at predicting what will most likely go down tonight:

Hidalgo Co. Commissioner AC Cuellar Is Suing The Guy He Lost To


Naxiely Lopez of the Monitor is reporting that Hidalgo County Commissioner AC Cuellar has filed suit against his opponent David Fuentes claiming Fuentes committed “fundamental campaign finance violations regarding transparency of the political system.”

Austin American Statesman: Progreso Politics Remain Shady As Fuck


Friday morning, Austin American Statesman’s Elizabeth Findell (a ‘The Monitor’ alum) wrote a piece on election fraud that’s ran rampant in east Hidalgo County (the “mid-Valley” for all of us down here) over the last few years.