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The Valley Isn’t Growing Anymore And It’s All The Millennials’ Fault

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Leadership Resource Group, a single person consulting company based in McAllen, compiled public data from the US Census Bureau that shows that the Rio Grande Valley’s population growth has slowed tremendously over the last eight years and we can probably blame it all on the millennials because of course it would be their fucking fault.

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San Juan Cop Gets To Keep His Job After Kneeing A Guy In The Crotch

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San Juan Officer JP Galindo

An independent arbitrator has ruled in favor of San Juan police officer JP Galindo after he was suspended and subsequently fired for using excessive force on a man who was placed under arrest back in mid-December of last year. Keep Reading

Casino Bus Crash Victims Won’t Be Compensated Because Two Attorneys Made Dick Moves

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Javier Villarreal

From a story published by Kristian Hernandez of The Monitor this morning, most of the victims of the casino bus crash that left 9 dead and 43 injured will see little to no compensation for their injuries because Ricardo Villanueva and Javier Villarreal, known for his awkward boxing adverts and terrible millennial grammar (ifight4u.com), are both pricks who sharked their way into the insurance policy limits first. Keep Reading

Report: RGV Has The Poorest Counties In Texas

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Poorest Counties RGV

In news that really isn’t news, those of us living in the Valley are really really poor. =(
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McAllen DEA Agent Charged With Child Porn

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FBI and federal court documents confirm that McAllen DEA Agent James Patrick Burke has been charged with accessing child pornography after FBI raided his home on Friday.

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Bad Ideas For When It’s Hot As Balls In The Valley

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rgv valley hot sun

It’s hot. You know this. I know this. Tim Smith can shove it. “Well, looks like it’s gonna be annuuuuuuther steamer outside!” Just stop. With weather like this, I don’t know how cool weather and lack of sunlight can make anyone depressed. I’m calling bullshit on seasonal affective disorder because I can not remember feeling better about my outlook on life, going outside to 100 degree heat and thinking “Gosh, I love how the suns rays are making my skin cry tears of joy ALL OVER my body! I LOVE you, my scorching hot devil ball of pain 🙂 🙂 ! ”


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NPR: RGV Entrenched In Corruption

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lupe trevino rgv the bench wire

In an article released today, NPR’s John Burnett and Marisa Penazola detail the recent history of public official corruption in the RGV and the means by which the federal and state authorities are using to try to eradicate it.

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2015 Best Bars In McAllen Ranked

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the centennial club is one of the best bars in mcallen

McAllen has a lot of bars. Bars on 17th St., bars on Nolana, bars on Main, bars on 23rd, bars on Ware…So it might help if people knew which ones were actually worth the drive around.

To find the best bars in McAllen, we’ll need to take a few things into consideration before we grade them.

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McAllen Abortion Clinic May Remain Open

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Mcallen abortion clinic

US Court of Appeals Judge ruled that McAllen’s Whole Women’s Heath Clinic on Bicentennial may remain open. The clinic is the only facility legally able to provide abortions south of San Antonio which led to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to rule that the clinic should be exempt from recent Texas law requiring clinics performing abortions to meet ambulatory surgical facilities.

The ruling is expected to be appealed in the US Supreme Court.

The Bench Wire Hater’s Guide: UTRGV Mascots

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Bucky is dead

Mascots UTRGV Could Have Used and Why They All Sucked (Yes, Including Bucky)

So, we’re about a few months into the Vaquero / UTRGV era, leaving thousands of UTPA alumni (and maybe 3 from UTB? Maybe?) still crying foul over their new mascot, calling for the dissolving of the Board of Regents, and for Guy Bailey’s head on a pike.

Most of the crowd fervor comes from the board of regents/Guy Bailey recommending and subsequently selecting a mascot that was not one of the 10 student-survey finalists that was posted on the UT system website. Taking a quick glance of the finalist list and you really couldn’t have gotten THAT upset for Guy Bailey going off the grid. I mean, when you’re given a list THAT shitty to choose from, and if you have the power to make up for that list, then fucking do it. It’s like if you were to ask your kids for a list of suggestions they wanna eat this week. Try it. They’ll probably write down things like “Cake” or “Pizza” or “Chocolate.” As a parent, you have a responsibility to not listen to your kids dumb shit suggestions and choose things that are in your kids’ best interest.

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