McAllen City Commission Finally Eats The Dick; Passes Smoking Ban

McAllen City Commission Eats The Dick

On Monday evening, the McAllen City Commission passed an ordinance effectively banning smoking from all public places and most private establishments—No, let me try that lede again. On Monday evening, the McAllen City Commission communed together for a grand feast, culminating from months of preparation thanks to some wet blanket and this pretentious email. On

McAllen’s Proposed New Smoking Ban (And This Email) Can Eat Dick

mcallen city hall

Earlier today, I received a “Fwd” in my inbox, urging others including myself to throw support at a “100% Smoke-Free Ordinance” for the City of McAllen. You may have also received this email today, and perhaps like me also felt the need to vomit moments after reading it.

Pharr’s New Indoor Smoking Ban (and The Monitor) Can Eat Dick

Pharr City Commission

Earlier this week, Pharr’s City Commission voted to ban indoor smoking in all public places including bars and restaurants and The Monitor’s editorial board ate that shit up.