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Six Whole-Ass Valley News Sites and None of Them Had a Unique Thought on Last Night’s Debate

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Cruz Beto Debate Valley News

After a hotly contested, final debate in one of the most anticipated Senate races in recent history between Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Beto O’Rourke, KRGV, KGBT-Valley Central, The Monitor, The Valley Morning Star, The Brownsville Herald, and the Rio Grande Guardian woke up this morning with a real chance to add their own unique reporting on last night’s events and all of them just said ‘fuck it.’ Keep Reading

Nominate Me For 2017 RGV Citizen Of The Year (Or Don’t, Whatever)

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2017 RGV Citizen of the year

The Monitor is asking for nominations for RGV Citizen of the Year and, although we’ve had our run-ins, I’m sure The Monitor would gladly accept my nomination from you, my readers. Keep Reading

The Bench Wire Hater’s Guide To The Monitor’s 2016 Choice Awards

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Bring out the red carpet and bust out our finest $9-est champagne! It’s the The Monitor’s 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards (breakfast banquet)! ALL the local big-wigs are here like the fresh cadaver running for congress and a giant dick from Hidalgo (maybe!). So strap-on that strap-on and get ready to get skull-fucked by the best of the best that the Valley has to offer! Keep Reading

Pharr’s New Indoor Smoking Ban (and The Monitor) Can Eat Dick

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Pharr City Commission

Earlier this week, Pharr’s City Commission voted to ban indoor smoking in all public places including bars and restaurants and The Monitor’s editorial board ate that shit up.
Keep Reading

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