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TBW People of 2015: #9 Holly Holm

2015 is all but over, folks. It’s another year gone, which means humans get to stake another plank on the ground of existence and get to say “We made it another year without completely destroying ourselves!” For better or for worse, these were the people that made 2015 the year that was.

In January, nobody knew who the hell Holly Holm was. 1 bone crushing kick to the neck of one Ronda Rousey later and she’s turned an entire sport on it’s head.

Speaking of which:


It didn’t look this bad in real life so slowing down each agonizing second really does this KO justice; from the turn-around, to the round-house to the neck, to Ronda’s dead expression as Holm beats mercilessly into her face. Good stuff.

Obviously, what made this knockout so significant was that no one, and I mean absolutely no one gave Holm a chance to pull it off. A seasoned boxer in her own right, Holm showed the entire mixed martial arts world that Boxing is every bit the skill of any other fighting style, and Ronda paid the ultimate price by trying to out-box not just any boxer, but THE boxer in women’s combat sports.

Ironically, Ronda had just been named the cover fighter for EA Sports’ upcoming UFC 2. A cover, now thanks to Holm knocking her the fuck out, she’ll have to share it with UFC’s newest superstar, Conor McGregor after his quick annihilation of Jose Aldo on December 12th. Maybe there is something to the EA Sports’ cover curse after all.

So what’s next for Holly Holm? A rematch with Ronda, of course. Sports writers, quite fairly so, are already being critical of Dana White for, basically, forcing Holm to wait a whole 8 months before getting back into the octagon. Holm has already expressed interest to fight before her rematch but, obviously, White ain’t gonna risk Holm losing to anyone else BUT Rousey. Money talks and sure looks like she really won’t have any say on the matter.

Still, Holm undoubtedly made a lot of people a LOT of money that night and her stock can really only go up from here. We’ll cheers to that.

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