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Welcome To The Bench

Holy shit…so it starts. This thing started out as two bored guys and now..we’re two bored guys with a website.

Here’s a picture of a bear…


Crazy right? Just look at that thing. Just staring coldly back at you. There’s no reason that this bear shouldn’t have just mauled that idiot Panama Jack mother fucker who took this photo with his bear hands (bear hands, get it? bear. Cause it’s a bear..)

So what is The Bench Wire, anyway? Well, we’ve already written something for you to help answer that question. Anyway, expect more of the same terrible content here and there.

Email us at and maybe we’ll get back to you…maybe.

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  1. Keep it up. The RGV needs a no bullshit news source. Too many sheep getting spoon fed whatever the lamestream media and social media dish out. sheeple need to think for themselves and not base life choices on what some instafool spews.

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