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Your Caca Is Floating All Over Boca Chica Beach Right Now

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Cameron County officials have placed Boca Chica Beach on red alert after a culture sample conducted by UTRGV Coastal Studies tested for high levels of fecal bacteria in the water

The Bench Wire was able to obtain EXCLUSIVE footage from the moment Cameron County officials received the results:

Last week, the Valley saw near record highs in rainfall in parts of Hidalgo and Cameron counties that saw water levels in larger cities rise rapidly and left smaller cities, like Mercedes, again, swimming in their own shit.

As logic would dictate, all that mud-butt water had to go somewhere and it happened to end up in the Rio Grande, which feeds out into the waters near the non-existent residents of Boca Chica Beach.

The park remains open, however, but obviously, if you’re in the area, do your best not to drink the water peppered with doo-doo.

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