There’s Literally Only One Path Left For LeBron To Be The GOAT

After playing 18 seasons in the NBA, there really isn’t much left to discuss. Cutting through the opinions about his free-agent orchestrations, the “decision,” the “not one – not two,” and even his politics, LeBron James, by all accounts that matter, is the 2nd greatest player who ever picked up a basketball. Period.
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Let’s Welcome The NBA’s Newest Team: The Tampa Bay Raptors Because 2020!

Ok, so maybe not technically a “new team” but the NBA and the Toronto Raptors have officially announced that the team will start the season by playing their home games in Tampa Bay instead of Toronto, due to Canada’s current restrictions on travel that would have made playing games against US-based teams almost impossible.

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Manu Ginobili Was a Wizard

With the announcement of his retirement earlier today, it’s easy to assume that Manu Ginobili’s professional career will mostly be remembered for his contributions to the Spurs’ four championships as a member of San Antonio’s “Big Three” including Tim Duncan and Tony Parker and that’s really unfortunate. Summing his career like that is an incredibly criminal understatement because Manu was so much more. Manu was a wizard. Keep Reading

Brad Stevens Is The Heir Apparent To Gregg Popovich

Of all of Danny Ainge’s bold moves as his reign as longtime Boston Celtics GM: triggering the trades that landed Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen as the NBA first successfully manufactured superteam, stockpiling draft picks that have turned into promising young all-stars in Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, trading for Isaiah Thomas and subsequently trading him after 3 wildly successful seasons for Kyrie Irving, and signing all-star free agents Al Horford and Gordon Harward – if these moves are the gold trappings of Ainge’s legacy, the Brad Stevens coaching hire is the marble that his statue will be built with. Keep Reading

Golden State Warriors Will Pursue Paul George In 2018 Because The NBA Is Broken

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Rockets Acquire Chris Paul In Mega Trade

In a deal that no one saw coming, the Houston Rockets look to be going for the whole damn thing and just traded to acquire Clippers PG Chris Paul according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Keep Reading

The Cleveland Cavaliers Are An Absolute Dumpster Fire Right Now

This time last summer, The Cleveland Cavaliers were on top of the world and the greatest chapter of LeBron’s legacy had just been written after having resurrected the Cavs from a 3-1 deficit and capping the greatest NBA Finals ever by bringing Cleveland the city’s first championship in over fifty years.

Fast forward one major free-agent signing and a spirit-crushing NBA Finals one year later and the Cavaliers have suddenly transformed into something resembling the shit storm that made LeBron exit to Miami nearly six years ago. Keep Reading

Blake Griffin Broke His Hand Beating A Clippers Staffer’s Face *UPDATE*

Reports are coming in about Blake Griffin getting into a scuffle with a Clippers equipment staffer last night outside of a Toronto restaurant. The staffer was treated at a local hospital and Griffin was flown back to LA after reportedly breaking his right hand. Keep Reading

2015 NBA Draft Preview

The NBA Draft is probably the most predictable of the 4 major sports (well, if the NHL has a draft and no one is around to hear it…does the NHL draft exist??). But that’s not to say it isn’t exciting to see some 5 syllable-ed guy from Germanistania or Urzbeckehubbidubbistan get drafted by the Spurs and stored away in some cryogenic freezer for 4 years. I mean, who DOESN’T like seeing all these guys get interviewed one after another giving the same “I couldn’t have been drafted by a better organization” speech. You know, actually, for once I’d like to see some guy be honest on the mic and just say “hell nah, I ain’t playing for no God damn 76ers. fuck that!” or something along those lines.

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2015 NBA Finals Game 6 Recap

Somehow, We Knew This Would Happen All Along

The NBA Finals are over and the Golden State Warriors were the better team the whole time. We all knew it. The numbers knew it. Steve Kerr and Steph Curry knew it. David Blatt and LeBron James knew it. Vegas knew it. There’s nothing surprising about a team that was wire-to-wire the NBAs best, winning a championship. Had LeBron not been in the Finals, we would’ve have been talking about how this has to be one of the greatest teams of all-time. But that wasn’t the case. Unfortunately for the Warriors, the 2015 NBA Finals will not be about them winning the Finals, but about how LeBron lost the Finals.

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