Brady Beats NFL; 4 Game Suspension Lifted

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Berman ruled against the NFL today after Tom Brady and the league failed to reach an agreement.

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Courtroom Sketch Tom Brady Will Murder You Tonight

Courtroom Sketch Artist and nightmare enthusiast Jane Rosenberg does not see Tom Brady the way we see Tom Brady. Today, while sketching for the hearing held in New York Federal Court for Brady’s civil case against Roger Goodell, Rosenberg decided to pen a molten demon monster in lieu of the plaintiff.

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VIDEO: Tom Brady Smashing Phone With Ballghazi Scandal Evidence

Video exclusively obtained by The Bench Wire CLEARLY shows Tom Brady and Bill Belichick SMASHING their phones to rid them of ballghazi evidence, quite possibly while they were both high. As it’s been reported, the NFL has upheld Brady’s original 4 game suspension. Hulk smashing evidence couldn’t have helped.