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Florida State Made A Really Stupid Graphic of MLK


Florida State has apologized for one of their accounts tweeting an incredibly bone-headed graphic of MLK positioned to look like he’s throwing the school’s signature tomahawk gesture with a photoshopped Nike branded glove fitted on his hand.

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College Football 2015 Week 3 Recap

Every year, we all wait in anticipation for that day that college football grants us the gift of an Alabama loss. For a fleeting moment, it’s like the ending scene of Return of the Jedi; the Death Star has exploded and with it the potential dream for the Crimson Tide to win a national title. Then you realize that there’s a playoff now and the cold snap of reality hits you hard enough to realize that Alabama is still very much in the national title mix having lost this early. *SIGH*
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Video: FSU QB De’Andre Johnson Punches Woman At Bar *UPDATE*

Florida State Quarterback De’Andre Johnson was charged with battery last month for punching a woman in the face at a local Tallahassee bar. Johnson was subsequently suspended after the charge and will hopefully (and that’s a great BIG hope being that this is FSU) be removed from the team. Video obtained by the Tallahassee Democrat is pretty damning.

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