the bench wire college football 2015 week 3 recap

College Football 2015 Week 3 Recap

Every year, we all wait in anticipation for that day that college football grants us the gift of an Alabama loss. For a fleeting moment, it’s like the ending scene of Return of the Jedi; the Death Star has exploded and with it the potential dream for the Crimson Tide to win a national title. Then you realize that there’s a playoff now and the cold snap of reality hits you hard enough to realize that Alabama is still very much in the national title mix having lost this early. *SIGH*

1) Yes, Ohio State Has A Situation At QB – 3 games into this season and I think it’s safe to say that Cardale Jones’ balloon has finally popped. He hasn’t thrown a TD since his opening game against Virginia Tech and now has 2 TDs to 3 INTs this season, pushing his career to 9 TDs and 5 INTs. After pulling Jones from Saturday’s game against Northern Illinois in favor of previous year’s starter JT Barrett, Ohio State was able to inch out a win despite their underwhelming performance on offense. The problem is, a two quarterback system has NEVER worked for any team; Ohio State included. Rolling the dice to find out who’s going to start your games is a terrible way to manage on offense that relies on timing, among other things, to run effectively. If they don’t figure this thing out quick, Michigan State will make them pay dearly for it.

2) Leonard Fournette Has Finally Arrived – Every 3 years or so, we get excited for the next great “scat” back to break onto the scene in college football. We got excited for Reggie Bush, Joe McKnight, De’Anthony Thomas and now Leonard Fournette. First, it’s the Heisman talk. It’ll swell deep into November, depending on whether or not LSU is even relevant that late. Then, sometime after January, we’ll begin hyping him up on his NFL potential, and believe me, we LOVE hyping waterbug backs. We’ll watch them get drafted ridiculously high, and sooner or later, see their careers scatter in the wind, engulfed in NFL mediocrity. That’s not to say that this will at all happen to Fournette; I’m just saying history has not been kind to players like him. Still, it was fun to watch him rip apart Auburn’s defense like we knew he would.


3) Stanford Is In USCs Head – Right bless, Stanford has no business being in the same class as USC. USC is significantly more talented and have, arguably, a better coach. Didn’t matter. Stanford still managed to eek into USC’s collective consciousness and mind fuck all of Los Angeles with their win. The Trojans were primed to make a run at a national title bid, but have now been set back indefinitely behind a pecking order that includes UCLA, Oregon, and Arizona. With this loss, the Trojans have now dropped 4 of their last 6 meetings with Stanford. Even Cody Kessler’s 3 TD game couldn’t help them survive passed the Cardinal.

4) Ole’ Miss Are Legit – Let’s make something pefectly clear: Ole’ Miss Beating Alabama in Tuscaloosa wasn’t a fluke. In just 3 games, the Rebels have had 5 different players score on the ground and another 5 score through the air. Fun fact, the Rebels just hung up the 2nd most points scored against Alabama during the Nick Saban era. The Rebels are for real.

5) Florida State Will Skate Into The Playoffs – After their embarrassingly awful exit from last year’s Rose Bowl and Winston’s eventual departure for the NFL, we all just kinda thought that both of these events obliterated Florida State from existence. Well, unfortunately, the Seminoles are playing some half-assed ball. Having ex-Notre Dame QB Everett Golson hasn’t helped any either. Their recent win against Boston College had been stuck at 7-0 until they realized they were, you know, Florida State and scored in the 4th. Looking at the rest of their schedule, there isn’t a single team team simply good enough to knock them off. The Seminoles will torture America with near loses until January when they play a real team and get throttled out of existence for a 2nd year in a row.

Top 5 Teams:
1) Ohio State
2) TCU
3) Michigan State
4) Ole’ Miss (+)
5) Baylor
Dropped Out: Alabama

Heisman Watch:
1) Trevone Boykin (+1)
2) Ezekiel Elliot (-1)
3) Derrick Henry
4) Leonard Fournette (+)
5) Cody Kessler (-1)
Dropped Out: Delvin Cook

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