Fat, Ugly Sportswriter Jason Whitlock Is Calling Out ESPN’s Katie Nolan and Maria Taylor’s “Beauty Privilege”

Sports TV personality and sad sack of expired hamburger meat Jason Whitlock took a small break from lording over the criminal underworld of Tatooine to shit out a diarrhea of a take and call out ESPN’s Katie Nolan and Maria Taylor for using their “beauty privilege” in lieu of talent to acquire lucrative jobs at the world-wide network.

Earlier this week, Whitlock took to his alt-right sports outlet, Outkick, to write a piece criticizing ESPN’s Maria Taylor’s career and vote in the NBA’s season awards by concluding that both Taylor and ESPN colleague Katie Nolan had used their beauty, versus their talent, to propel their careers.

“Maria Taylor enjoys the exact same privilege that catapulted Erin Andrews to television stardom. The 33-year-old Taylor would not be the host of NBA Countdown, nor would she vote on the league’s most prestigious awards, if she were short, unattractive and grumpy.

Right off the bat, Whitlock dives into the deep end of the pool faster than he dives into a 20-piece McNugget, claiming that Maria Taylor would not be anywhere in the sports world without her looks, even though she’s not only played collegiate ball, but is a talented reporter in her own right.

But forget all her skills: Whitlock wants the world to know that he’s REALLY upset that guys who are short, unattractive, and grumpy, would NEVER – EVER get the kind of shot she’s getting.

“Jason Whitlock, at age 33, 43 or 53, could not get any of the jobs ESPN has handed Taylor. Neither could a long list of highly qualified female sports journalists who I will not name.

Christ, can somebody get this baby a napkin to wipe his tears before they mix in with the bbq sauce that’s leftover on his 5th chin?

“Beauty, most especially in television, has a privilege that trumps virtually all other privileges. Beauty intoxicates TV executives, bloggers and journalists, and it masks a lack of accomplishment, qualifications and skill. Beauty transformed Katie Nolan from bartender to seven-figure personality, Emmy Award-winner and the darling of aroused bloggers and TV critics willing to ignore her pedestrian humor and inability to execute live television.” 

Waaaah waaaah. Whitlock then goes on to, for some reason, call out Katie Nolan who’s rise to fame was thanks to a rabid fan base that note her relatability.

Ultimately, though, I still think Whitlock has a point. Television and movies are a visual media. Can you imagine if they would have cast Steve Buscemi to play Captain America? Do you see Buscemi crying about that too? Fuck off.

The problem with Whitlock is that he’s so busy criticizing Taylor for standing up and “playing the victim” when her career’s critiqued that he didn’t even realize he’s painted himself to be the biggest (literally) victim of them all.

Whitlock, with a straight face, is telling all of us that he couldn’t keep the same gig as THIS guy??

Give me a fucking break.

Guy, the reason why you were fired from ESPN and keep hitting every rung on your way down the FS1 basement and can’t find a decent hosting gig on TV isn’t because you’re fat with a side of ugly.

It’s because you have shitty takes that make you a joke in the sports journalism community. It’s because nobody respects you, and nobody likes you.

And…you know, cause you’re fat and ugly.

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