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Casino Bus Crash Victims Won’t Be Compensated Because Two Attorneys Made Dick Moves


From a story published by Kristian Hernandez of The Monitor this morning, most of the victims of the casino bus crash that left 9 dead and 43 injured will see little to no compensation for their injuries because Ricardo Villanueva and Javier Villarreal, known for his awkward boxing adverts and terrible millennial grammar (ifight4u.com), are both pricks who sharked their way into the insurance policy limits first.

From The Monitor:

OGA Charters, based out of San Juan and owned by Rolando Garza, was insured by New York Marine and General Insurance Company under a commercial automobile liability policy that provided a total of $5 million in coverage. (Atty Ricardo) Garcia, along with at least a dozen other attorneys, were to meet July 19 to discuss how the parties involved would split the $5 million, but two attorneys reached an independent settlement for more than $3.5 million late last month on behalf of four people who died and two who were injured.

If you’re confused as to how this all works, let me give you a primer:

Auto insurance have what are known as “policy limits,” which is a maximum amount that the insurance company will be required to pay, regardless of the severity of the injuries suffered by people in the wreck. In this case, NY Marine and General had $5 million policy limit, meaning if an accident were to happen, $5 mil is the most they will pay, no matter how many people are injured. That’s it. So basically, the $5 mil would need to be split up among the 52 victims of this accident.

According to Garza, all attorneys knew going in to this that there wasn’t going to be enough money to go around to fully compensate everyone, so they were going to all meet together, hammer out whose clients should get how much based on the severity of their injuries and hospital bills.

However, both Villanueva and Villarreal cut deals with the insurance anyway and sharked out $3.5 mil of the $5 mil. That’s about 70% of the pie that was supposed to go to EVERYONE for only 6 victims (4 Wrongful deaths, 2 Personal Injury). To add to how fucked up this all is, both Villanueva and Villarreal, together, probably walked away with $1.4 mil in attorneys fees (based on a standard 40% attorney fee) and just fucked everyone else.

Here’s Villanueva trying to explain away how this was the right thing to do:

“There’s just not enough insurance money to go around and this charter bus company doesn’t have the assets to compensate fairly all of the individuals that were affected by the accident,” he added. “There’s no way that any amount of money could ever bring any of these folks back, and I can tell you that, although I feel we did a good job for our clients, there’s nothing we can do to bring Ms. Lopez back. It’s difficult all the way around. I don’t know how else to put it.”

This roughly translates to onlinecanadianpharmacy.net: “There wasn’t enough money to cover everyone realistically to begin with so fuck everyone else and I’m gonna get mine. King Kong ain’t got shit on me.” or something like that.

Some attorneys representing the victims are considering taking legal action against Villanueva and Villarreal for fucking everyone over, but at the end of the day, you can just as well make the argument that they were just doing their job as they have a legal obligation to their clients to give them solid legal representation.

If you’re not first your last, right?

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