City of Mercedes: Our Water Probably Gave You The Shits

People in Mercedes probably suffered through mud butt all summer long and it’s ALL THE CITY’S FAULT! (maybe)

Per the Monitor, the City of Mercedes sent out letters to all of their residents earlier this month letting them know that chlorine levels, which is used to fight off water-borne bacteria that cause illnesses, were below state standards for the months of June and July.

According to Jose Ramos, the man in charge of overseeing Mercedes’ water and the name I’m sure most of Mercedes will think of the next time they take a slippery shit, the chlorine levels were recorded at 0.2 milligrams per liter, below the 0.5 state minimum.

Ramos suspects that a malfunctioning motor in the well pump of the Illinois Ave. water treatment facility may have caused the problem.

In his words:

“Because we had a pump out and we were maintaining just to maintain the water demand for the public, we were not able to do that cycling for a couple of weeks,” Ramos said. “That’s what we think caused that low residual.”

To explain, when water gets pumped out, it has to go through a series of cycling that treats the water before it’s released out into the public. To keep up with demand after the pump broke, the city rushed the water out to meet public demand. The problem? Nobody in the city told the public that until now.

With only having been 2 years removed from the Flint water crisis that STILL has everyone in Michigan reeling, everyone should be on their toes when it comes to their municipality taking measures into their water, even small

Ramos has stated that none of the samples taken in August had signs of below standard chlorine levels.

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