Here’s the Wack-Ass Rap Video with the Edinburg PD Officer


Yesterday, we published a polished timeline of the events surrounding the scandal involving Edinburg police chief, Cesar Torres, and one particular event caught our eye.

Jun. 12, 2020, City Manager Ron Garza provides Torres with a written warning for two incidents. The first incident involved sending an email on March 18, 2020, falsely alerting police that DHR was treating a COVID-19 patient. The false information was then leaked to the public. The second involved allowing an Edinburg police officer to appear in a rap video in uniform using a patrol unit that was published on YouTube.

Naturally, of course, we NEEDED to get our hands on this mysterious rap video lurking somewhere on someone’s phone or hard drive. We asked for anyone with information to please come forward and bless us with this treasure.

We asked. We received.

(Scene with Edinburg PD officer begins at about 2:00)

“Jesus wept.” – (John 11:35) and I wept in laughter.

The officer in the video is C. Romero, who is likely officer Carlos Romero who serves as the President of the Edinburg Police Organization (not to be confused with the OTHER officer’s union in Edinburg, the Edinburg United Police Officer Association, or “EUPOA”).

A few questions:

1) Is this dude a Christian rapper or a rapper who’s Christian? Why is he talking about getting “Guap?” I mean, is it for God? Is he talking about tithes?

2) What was he running, exactly? Money? Drugs? Weapons? The guy literally just drops a bag of cash and bolts it with no telling what exactly his end game was.

3) How did that conversation go with Officer Romero? “Hey officer, I’m making this dope video. It’s about a guy who wants to make money doing an illegal run of (something?) and then he almost gets caught and then he turns his life to Jesus. You want in o no, cuh? Es para la gloria de mi salvador, cuhhh.”

4) Did the guy in the video just start reading the bible after losing all that cash? I mean, if that wasn’t his cash, shouldn’t he have been a little more worried about, you know, getting killed over losing some other dude’s “guap?” What, he thinks that dude’s just gonna be like “Oh shiit, you got baptized?? Nah, we square cuhh. Don’t worry about that cash, homey.”

5) Was he not aware that there’s already another song named “Guap” out there that was released, like, 9 years ago?


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