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Rumors: Lakers, Dwyane Wade In Talks (UPDATE)

We’re two weeks out of crowning our NBA Champions and already the Lakers are dying for your attention. Rumors are swirling around that Dwyane Wade and the Lakers are showing mutual interest in having him come on-board next season.

Dwayne Wade is only 33 and actually made it through most of the regular season healthy. Now that the Lakers have just about lost out on the Kevin Love “will he stay or will he go” sweepstakes, my best guess is that they’d go after the next biggest name (not necessarily the best) on the market this off-season.

I mean, it’s not like the Lakers would NEED a big name signing to help sell tickets; it IS Kobe’s swan-song season after all, so the signing from a basketball standpoint doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. With LaMarcus Aldridge and Marc Gasol waiting to be courted, I’m confused as to why they’d go for intruehealth.com Love, fail, and subsequently not try to get a decent big man to give the Lakers a chance against the Golden State machine.

But until the name is on the dotted line, this is all speculation.

As you were.

UPDATE: (6/22/15 4:19 CST) Marc Stein is reporting that the Lakers are looking to acquire Demarcus Cousins via trade. Problem is, they don’t have anything to give. Maybe Julius Randle and a cup of noodles. Who knows?

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