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Ryan Mallett Cut By Houston Texans

On again/off again Houston Texans starting -or- 2nd string QB Ryan Mallett was cut by the team this morning. But the story behind this story is far more interesting.

Turns out, Texans head coach and known asshole, Bill O’Brien actually tried to have Mallet cut before the team’s game against the Dolphins on Sunday, only to be vetoed by GM Rick Smith. There aren’t reports as to why Smith didn’t let O’Brien pull the trigger, but it certainly isn’t a good look for anybody involved. What we CAN be sure of is that as of today, Mallett is no longer a Houston Texan.

Oddly, Mallett missed the team flight to Miami due to “traffic” or something..but consider that this is that same guy who missed the next two practices after Hoyer got the starting nod in pre-season soo..there’s that.

And down goes another QB or Coach from the Belichick poison tree. I’m not sure when other teams will get the hint that just because some of these guys hung around Brady and Belichick, it really doesn’t amount to anything.

The clock’s ticking, O’Brien.

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