The Bench Wire’s 2018 FIFA World Cup Preview

The final draw for the 2018 World Cup was held this morning in Russia. Here are the matchups for the 2018 World Cup. Keep Reading

Ranking The Remaining RGV Boys Soccer Teams


Disclaimer: All team records and stats were retrieved from They may or may not be accurate but our sports data sites (who are SUPPOSED to be keeping up with these things and get paid to post ads on their sites) don’t have info on these teams;, don’t give two shits about soccer, High School Sports Magazine doesn’t know how to use the internet apparently, and RGVFutbol is dead. I’m not about to dig through 17 or so weeks of The Monitor box scores to tally up records, so you get what you get. Keep Reading

Hero Bro Simulates 1000 Years In Football Manager

Life takes too long. Every year, we have to wait and watch another team win a Superbowl or dominate an NBA Finals or whatever. We wait a whole off-season, analyze a draft, go through pre- then regular then post- seasons to wait for ANOTHER champion. Repeat. Too long of a wait.

That’s why God invented self-simulating video games. Genius and reddit user Lorf_Yimzo recently posted his report on what he’s calling “The Millennial Sim,” the end result after he simulated 1000 years on Football Manager.

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