The Bench Wire’s 2018 FIFA World Cup Preview

The final draw for the 2018 World Cup was held this morning in Russia. Here are the matchups for the 2018 World Cup.

Group A

A1 Russia
A2 Saudia Arabia
A3 Egypt
A4 Uruguay

Group B

B1 Portugal
B2 Spain
B3 Morocco
B4 Iran

Group C

C1 France
C2 Australia
C3 Peru
C4 Denmark

Group D

D1 Argentina
D2 Iceland
D3 Croatia
D4 Nigeria

Group E

E1 Brazil
E2 Switzerland
E3 Costa Rica
E4 Serbia

Group F

F1 Germany
F2 Mexico
F3 Sweden
F4 South Korea

Group G

G1 Belgium
G2 Panama
G3 Tunisia
G4 England

Group H

H1 Poland
H2 Senegal
H3 Columbia
H4 Japan


There really isn’t a standout group that we can accurately label as the “Group of Death” in next year’s World Cup, but the group that many will keep an eye on will be Group E with Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica and even Serbia with a shot at advancing into the Round of 16.

Germany, Brazil, France, and Portugal all have a legitimate shot at winning the World Cup barring any serious injury from now until then with Argentina, even with one of the most transcendent players ever, playing as this year’s dark horse.

Here’s how we think the World Cup will play out:

Group Stage

Group A

  1. Uruguay
  2. Russia

Group B

  1. Portugal
  2. Spain

Group C

  1. France
  2. Denmark

Group D

  1. Argentina
  2. Croatia

Group E

  1. Brazil
  2. Costa Rica

Group F

  1. Germany
  2. Mexico

Group G

  1. Belgium
  2. England

Group H

  1. Columbia
  2. Poland

Round of 16

Uruguay over Spain
France over Croatia

Brazil over Mexico
Belgium over Poland

Portugal over Russia
Argentina over Denmark

Germany over Costa Rica
Columbia over England


France over Uruguay
Brazil over Belgium

Argentina over Portugal
Germany over Columbia


Brazil over France
Germany over Argentina


Germany over Brazil

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