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Retired McAllen Memorial Coach Was Set To Take Sexual Harassment Training After Texting Incident


Former McAllen Memorial football head coach Bill Littleton was set to take sexual harassment re-training following an “unethical” behavioral incident involving a text message exchange with a parent according to a letter released by McAllen ISD sent from Assistant Superintendent Todd Miller to Littleton.

The letter sent to Littleton was dated and received on May 27, just six days before Littleton announced his retirement.

Clearly, it’s fairly easy to speculate given the following: An inappropriate text message conversation occurred between Littleton and a parent. Someone figured to report this to Littleton’s superiors, who then reprimand Littleton and order him to re-take sexual harassment training. Days after he is reprimanded, Littleton suddenly retires.

Obviously, nothing is concrete but it’s also telling that the letter was acquired by Valley freelance reporter Dave Hendricks following a lengthy open records battle with McAllen ISD surrounding Littleton. Earlier this week, the Texas Attorney General’s office ruled in favor of Hendricks earlier this week regarding records of “complaints, investigations and other records on former Memorial High School football coach Bill Littleton.”

An interesting side note to this story, Austin-based law firm of O’Hanlon, Demerath & Castillo, who represents McAllen ISD, apparently accidentally released the Littleton letter to The Monitor when the letter was meant to only be released to Hendricks. Representatives from O’Hanlon, Demerath & Castillo even ordered The Monitor to “destroy” the letter they received in error to which, I’m certain, somebody was probably fired for that gaffe.

Littleton, who was inducted into the Rio Grande Valley Hall of Fame this year, coached the McAllen Memorial football team for 18 years, posting a 123-69 record, eight district titles, and reaching the playoffs 16 times.

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