KRGVs Frank McCaffrey Sweaty

Watch a Husky KRGV Reporter Get Real Sweaty For Some Reason

Being a field reporter for a local news station in a small market can be shitty. It also means that producers might ask you to get creative on your reporting for the sake of ratings. In KRGV’s Frank McCaffrey’s case, it meant getting that big-ol-body of his into a steamy, hot trailer to sweat chingos to be aired and viewed by world.

In response to the horrific discovery of 9 dead bodies and many severely malnourished victims trapped in a hot trailer parked outside a Wal-Mart in San Antonio earlier this week, McCaffrey attempted to simulate the ordeal himself, God-help-him.

The results were timeless:

By God, somebody get this man a Gatorade and God damn sugar cookie.

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