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Every RGV Polling Place For Today’s Primary Election – Voting FAQs


First time voting? Don’t know what the hell everyone’s voting for today? No problem. Your friends at The Bench Wire got you covered.

Ok, what’s happening today? Is today election day?

First off, today is not election day, but the day of the 2024 Texas Primary Election, where both major parties will decide which candidates will represent the party in November’s general election.

Think of it as the playoffs. Candidates from both conferences (Democrat and Republican) need to duke it out amongst each other before they send their representative to the Super Bowl (the general election in November).

Primary – Happening Today = Democrats vs Democrats and Republicans vs Republicans

General Election – November = Democrats vs Republicans

It’s often dubbed “election day” in the Valley because many local candidates, typically Democrats, often run un-opposed during the general election since there’s often no one else running for the same seat on the Republican side because Democrats have had a historic stronghold in many local elections that they often win handedly against a Republican opponent, although, Republicans have made significant inroads within Valley voters to where these races have become a lot more competitive.

What offices are on the ballot for Democrats and Republicans?

Everything from local judges, to Congressman, to Senator, to the President. For example, on the Democrat side for President, you have President Joe Biden going up against God knows who, and on the Republican side for President, you have former President Donald Trump going up against everyone else who has given up and kissed the ring.

Can I pick and choose which candidates I want to give my vote for on the Democrat AND the Republican side?

No, you cannot vote for candidates from both the Democratic and Republican parties in a primary election. When participating in a primary, you must select a party ballot — either Democrat or Republican. If you choose the Democratic ballot, you can only vote for Democratic candidates in their respective races. Similarly, selecting the Republican ballot allows you to vote exclusively for Republican candidates in their contests.

In the general election (in November), you can vote for anyone on the ballot, whether they are Democrat, Republican, or another party.

What if I’m not registered to vote?

You cannot vote in today’s primary election.

You still have time to register to vote in November’s general election. To register to vote, you can go to your nearest library or Texas DPS (Drivers license) office. For more information on how you can register to vote, go to https://www.votetexas.gov/

What time do the polls close today?

At 7:00 PM. If you can’t make it due to work, request time off from work to go vote today. By Texas law, if employers must grant employees paid time off if they don’t have two consecutive hours outside of working hours to do so on Election Day or during early voting.

Where can I vote in today’s primary election?

Here is a list of polling locations all across the Valley.

Hidalgo County


  • Guerra Elementary School (807 FM State Highway 495, Alamo)
  • Sgt. Fernando De La Rosa Library (416 N. Tower Road, Alamo)
  • Alamo Community Center (1429 S. Tower Road, Alamo)


  • Alton Recreation Center (349 Dawes Avenue, Alton)


  • Donna Recreation Center (370 Miller Avenue, Donna)
  • Amigos Del Valle (1408 Silver Avenue, Donna)
  • W.A. Todd Middle School (400 N. Salinas Boulevard, Donna)


  • Sgt. Rodriguez Community Center (320 W. Santa Rosa Avenue, Edcouch)


  • Cantebury Elementary School (2821 W. Canton Road, Edinburg)
  • Edinburg Parks & Recreation Wellness Center (315 E. Palm Drive, Edinburg)
  • UTRGV (1201 W. University Drive, Edinburg)
  • Elections Annex Building (317 N. Closner Boulevard, Edinburg)
  • B. L. Garza Middle School (1202 N. Mon Mack Road, Edinburg)
  • Magee Elementary School (3420 W. Rogers Road, Edinburg)
  • Economedes High School (1414 N. Alamo Road, Edinburg)
  • San Carlos Endowment Center (107 N. Sunflower Road, Edinburg)
  • Enedina B. Guerra Elementary School (10010 N. Via Fernandez, Edinburg)
  • Linn San Manuel Fire Department (21661 TX 186, Edinburg)


  • Elsa Municipal Court (216 E. 4th Street, Elsa)


  • Granjeno Public Facility (6553 S. FM 494, Granjeno)


  • Hargill Elementary School (133394 4th Street, Hargill)


  • Hidalgo Public Library (710 Ramon Ayala Drive, Hidalgo)

La Joya

  • La Joya Youth Center (604 Salomon Chapa Drive, La Joya)

La Villa

  • Multi-Purpose Building (500 E 9th Street, La Villa)


  • Gonzalez Elementary School (201 E. Martin, McAllen)
  • Miliam Elementary School (3800 N. Main Street, McAllen)
  • Rayburn Elementary School (7000 N. Main Street, McAllen)
  • McAllen Public Library (4001 N. 23rd Street, McAllen)
  • Lark Community Center (2601 Lark Avenue, McAllen)
  • Las Palmas Community Center (1921 N. 25th Street, McAllen)
  • McAllen Incubator (601 N. Main Street, McAllen)
  • Fossum Middle School (7800 N. Ware Road, McAllen)
  • Fireman’s Pump House (201 N. 1st Street, McAllen)
  • STC Pecan Building U (3201 Pecan Boulevard, McAllen)
  • Cayetano Cavazos Elementary (1501 W. Freddy Gonzalez Drive, McAllen)
  • STC Nursing Building B (1901 S. McColl Road, McAllen)
  • Palm View Community Center (3401 Jordan Road, McAllen)
  • STC Technology Campus (370 W. Military Highway, McAllen)
  • Texas A&M Higher Education Center (6200 Tres Lagos Boulevard, McAllen)


  • Immaculate Conception Parish Hall (28212 S. FM 2058, McCook)


  • Zachary Taylor Elementary School (900 N. Missouri Avenue, Mercedes)
  • Mercedes Civic Center (520 E. 2nd Street, Mercedes)


  • Bannworth Gym (1822 N. Shary Road, Mission)
  • Veterans Memorial High School (700 E. 2 Mile Road, Mission)
  • Mission Parks and Recreation (721 Bryan Road, Mission)
  • Upper Valley Art League (921 E. 12th Street, Mission)
  • Salinas Elementary School (10820 N. Conway Avenue, Mission)
  • O’Grady Elementary School (810 W. Griffin Parkway, Mission)

Monte Alto

  • Monte Alto Community Center (25149 1st Street, Monte Alto)


  • PCT 3 The Mansion (2401 W. Moorefield Road, Palmview)
  • Palmview Recreation Center (406 W. Veterans Boulevard, Palmview)


  • John F. Kennedy Elementary School (1801 Diamond Avenue, Penitas)


  • Pharr One Building (1121 E. Nolana Loop, Pharr)
  • Jose Pepe Salinas Center (1011 W. Kelly Avenue, Pharr)
  • Development & Research Center (850 W. Dicker Road, Pharr)
  • Valley View ISD Staff Development Center (9701 S. Jackson Road, Pharr)


  • Progreso Family Community Center (510 N. FM 1015, Progreso)

San Juan

  • San Juan Fire Station #2 (2301 N. Raul Longoria Road, San Juan)
  • Doedyns Elementary School (1401 N. Raul Longoria Road, San Juan)
  • San Juan Memorial Elementary (1010 S. Standard Avenue, San Juan)


  • Sullivan City WIC Clinic (371 W. Expressway 83, Sullivan)


  • Weslaco ISD Migrant Department (599 W. 4th Street, Weslaco)
  • Business Visitor & Event Center (275 S. Kansas Avenue, Weslaco)
  • Central Middle School (503 E. 6th Street, Weslaco)
  • Commissioner PCT 1 Office (1902 Joe Stephens Avenue, Weslaco)

Cameron County


  • Olmito Elementary School (2500 Arroyo Blvd., Brownsville)
  • San Pedro Catholic Church (7602 Old Military Road, Brownsville)
  • Benavides Elementary School (3101 McAllen Road, Brownsville)
  • Dora Romero Elementary School (9705 Cajun Blvd., Brownsville)
  • Las Yescas Elementary School (23413 FM 803, Brownsville)
  • Faulk Middle School (2200 Roosevelt Street, Brownsville)
  • Gonzalez Elementary School (4350 Jaime Zapata Avenue, Brownsville)
  • Stell Middle School (1105 Los Ebanos Street, Brownsville)
  • Yturria Elementary School (2955 W. Tandy Road, Brownsville)
  • Besteiro Middle School (6280 Southmost Road, Brownsville)
  • Burns Elementary School (1974 E. Alton Gloor Road (Brownsville)
  • El Jardin Elementary School (6911 Boca Chica Blvd., Brownsville)
  • Paredes Elementary School (3700 Heritage Trail, Brownsville)
  • James Pace High School (314 W. Los Ebanos Blvd., Brownsville)
  • Oliveira Middle School (444 Land O’ Lakes Drive, Brownsville)
  • Rivera High School (6955 FM 802, Brownsville)
  • Del Castillo Elementary School (105 Morningside Road, Brownsville)
  • Christ the King Church (2255 Southmost Road, Brownsville)
  • Perkins Middle School (4750 Austin Road, Brownsville)
  • Brownsville Golf Center (1800 W. San Marcelo Blvd., Brownsville)
  • Cameron Park Community Center (2100 Gregory Avenue, Brownsville)
  • Garden Park Elementary School (855 Military highway, Brownsville)
  • Hanna High School (1615 E. Price Road, Brownsville)
  • Garza Elementary School (200 Esperanza Lane, Brownsville)
  • Hudson Elementary School (2980 FM 802, Brownsville)
  • Cameron County Courthouse Judicial Complex (954 E. Harrison Street, Brownsville)
  • Pena Elementary School (4975 Salida de la Luna, Brownsville)
  • Cromack Elementary School (3200 E. 30th Street, Brownsville)
  • Skinner Elementary School (411 W. Street Charles Street, Brownsville)
  • Russell Elementary School (800 Lakeside Boulevard, Brownsville)
  • Central Administration Building (708 Palm Boulevard, Brownsville)
  • Bob Clark Social Service Center (9901 California Road, Brownsville)
  • R.L. Martin Elementary School (1701 Stanford Avenue, Brownsville)
  • Villa Nueva Elementary School (7455 Old Military Road, Brownsville)
  • J.T. Canales Elementary School (1811 International Boulevard, Brownsville)
  • Sharp Elementary School (1439 Palm Boulevard, Brownsville)


  • Combes Municipal Center (21626 Hand Road, Combes)


  • Zavala Elementary School (1111 North “B” Street, Harlingen)
  • Bonita Park Community Bldg. (701 S. Rangerville Road, Harlingen)
  • UTRGV Clinical Education Bldg. Auditorium (2102 Treasure Hills Blvd. Harlingen)
  • Harlingen Medical Center (5501 S. Expressway 77, Harlingen)
  • Gutierrez Middle School (3205 W. Wilson Road, Harlingen)
  • Stuart Place Elementary School (6701 Business Highway 83, Harlingen)
  • Harlingen Outreach Center (1102 S. Commerce Street, Harlingen)
  • Bowie Elementary School (309 W. Lincoln Street, Harlingen)
  • Vernon Middle School (125 S. 13th Street, Harlingen)
  • Crockett Elementary School (1406 W. Jefferson Street, Harlingen)
  • Long Elementary School (2601 N. 7th Street, Harlingen)
  • Austin Elementary School (700 E. Austin Avenue, Harlingen)
  • Harlingen High School South (1701 Dixieland Road, Harlingen)

La Feria

  • American Legion Hall (219 E. Commercial Avenue, La Feria)
  • Rio Grande Valley Shrine Club (13415 E. Expressway 83, La Feria)
  • Sam Houston Elementary School (500 N. Beddoes Road, La Feria)

Laguna Vista

  • Laguna Vista City Hall Board Room (122 Fernandez Street, Laguna Vista)

Los Indios

  • Los Indios Community Center (309 Heywood Street, Los Indios)

Los Fresnos

  • Los Fresnos Community Center (204 N. Brazil Street, Los Fresnos)


  • Villareal Elementary School (7700 E. Lakeside Boulevard, Olmito)

Port Isabel

  • Port Isabel City Hall (305 E. Maxan Street, Port Isabel)


  • Primera Community Center (16603 Community Drive, Primera)

Rio Hondo

  • Rio Hondo Municipal Center (121 N. Arroyo Boulevard, Rio Hondo)

San Benito

  • Fred Booth Elementary School (705 Zaragoza Street, San Benito)
  • Ed Downs Elementary School (1302 N. Dick Dowling, San Benito)
  • La Paloma Elementary School (35076 Padilla Street, San Benito)
  • Laureles Elementary School (31393 FM 2893, San Benito)
  • La Encantada Elementary School (35001 FM 1577, San Benito)
  • Sullivan Elementary School (900 Elizabeth Street, San Benito)
  • San Benito Community Building (210 E. Heywood Street, San Benito)
  • Frank Roberts Elementary School- Yoakum Street Entrance (451 Biddle Street, San Benito)
  • Rangerville Elementary School (17558 Landrum Park, San Benito)
  • Palmer Laakso Elementary School (30515 FM 1847, San Benito)

Santa Maria

  • Santa Maria ISD Administrative Building- Board Room (11119 Military Highway 281, Santa Maria)

Santa Rosa

  • Maria Luisa Ruiz Guerra County Annex (116 Santa Vista Avenue, Santa Rosa)

South Padre Island

  • South Padre Island Community Center (4501 Padre Blvd., South Padre Island)
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