People Are Having A Real Meltdown About Last Night’s Jesus Commercial


Last night’s Super Bowl ads were (insert angry sentiment about how Super Bowl ads “aren’t what they used to be! WHERE’S THE SEXY GODADDY COMMERCIALS!?!?”), but last night’s “Foot Washing” commercial checked every single box to piss off just about everyone.

A mention of Jesus to anger the hard left? CHECK!

A depiction of a priest washing the feet of a gay, black man? CHECK!

A depiction of a woman outside an abortion clinic having her feet washed? CHECK!

Here is the ad in its entirety.

And boy, did everyone have a meltdown about this one.

Some juicy meltdowns, courtesy of the far-right:

Not your cup of tea?

How about some tolerance from the far-left:


For some background, the ad is part of the “He Gets Us” campaign, which promotes that “(Jesus) didn’t let pro-this or anti-that opinions prohibit him from seeing the value in all people. The campaign exists to remind us of the example that Jesus set while inviting all to explore his teachings so we can all follow his example of confounding, unconditional love.”

Although not readily available on their website, He Gets Us was, until early 2024, primarily funded by the Servant Foundation, a non-profit, donor advised fund that has donated $65 million to the Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal advocacy group whose mission is to curb LGBTQ+ rights, and severely limit or eliminate abortion access to women. One of the Servant Foundation’s largest donors is Hobby Lobby co-founder and CEO, David Green, whose company’s name is attached to a landmark Supreme Court decision that allows private companies to deny employees health coverage for certain medications, specifically contraception.

After severing ties with the Servant Foundation, He Gets Us has been run by a newly formed non-profit named Come Near, which is headed up by former Domino’s Pizza and Wendy’s exec, Ken Calwell.

As far as the ad goes, I find it ludicrous just how many people are up in arms about this ad. It’s insane to me that an actual depiction of what Jesus DID, in fact, do with known men whom He knew have fell and would fall short and a depiction of what Jesus commanded those same men to do, can be something used to stoke the angers of people who only see red when they see the word “woke.” The same Jesus that dined with sinners, and said that love is His greatest commandment reduced to talking points about despising the other side.

Ludicrous that somehow, people who are devout to a faith that expressly commands them to truly love others, are seen as less than, bigots, or uncharitable when, in reality, faith organizations spend billions in humanitarian aid that even includes providing food and shelter to local communities and refugees.

Everyone just participating in divisive theater to dunk on the other side. A social trench warfare of never giving an inch that because any depiction of empathy or understanding is seen as some sort of loss, entirely devolved into an insane tribalism that a simple commercial enflamed.

Sure, He gets Us, but we sure as shit don’t get each other.

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