2nd Island Causeway Gets Official TxDOT Designation; Won’t Be Finished Until We’re All Dead


Back in December, the Texas Transportation Commission, the five-member governing board of the Texas Department of Transportation, officially designated the 2nd causeway to the island as “State Highway 104,” which is great, because it took them all of about 8 years to do it.

TxDOT Pharr District Engineer, Pete Alvarez, spoke with The Monitor MyRGV’s Steve Clark about the hurdles that remain to complete a project that has already had it’s share of setbacks.

In a project update, Texas Department of Transportation Pharr District Engineer Pete Alvarez said the second causeway, which TxDOT has named S.H. 104, will have to go through the design phase first, but only if the project makes it through the environmental review phase, during which TxDOT will work with various “resource agencies,” including the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, he said.

Translation: most of you reading will probably be six feet under long before this causeway is finished.

If the interchange project, which is absolutely NOT getting finished by the end of Spring, is any indicator, Laguna Vista will have to wait THAT much longer to get the “boom” they’ve been patiently waiting on for nearly a decade.

Much like the Israelites who escaped Egypt with Moses, in search of the denied promised land, we’re forever cursed, knowing that it’ll be our kids and our grandkids, not us, taking videos of driving across that causeway.

But hey, maybe the island’s first titty bar will open before this thing is completed.

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