Every RGV School Ranked 2017

Every Single RGV School Ranked, 2017


Children At Risk, a non-profit watchdog on Texas education, has released their school rankings for 2017 and is here to keep neurotic parents up at night now knowing how shitty their kid’s school really is. 

Previously, we had posted a story on TEA’s Preliminary A-F Accountability Report and how RGV school districts ranked among each other, however these MedicineBalls rankings go much further in-depth on EVERY school’s assessment, from Elementary Schools to High Schools.

So yes. Allow us to stir the shit once again.

We have compiled the comprehensive rankings using the .XLS data file that was produced by Children At Risk. Parents, this is your final warning. If you do not want to know how shitty your kid’s school is, please exit this page now and save yourself some sleep tonight. Students, use these rankings to hold your teachers and your administrators accountable for ensuring you receive a good education. Teachers and administrators, fuck whatever the students are telling you and use these as leverage to either get a better salary or go to a bigger district who will pay you to put up with shitty students (looking at you, La Joya).

On to the rankings:

Each of these documents is downloadable from our Scribed site that you should be able to access from the embedded documents below.

For mobile users, please zoom in on your screen if you need to.

RGV Elementary Schools Ranked

RGV Elementary School Rankings 2017 by The Bench Wire on Scribd

RGV Middle Schools Ranked

RGV Middle School Rankings 2017 by The Bench Wire on Scribd

RGV High Schools Ranked

RGV High School Rankings 2017 by The Bench Wire on Scribd

A few takeaways:

  • There’s quite a bit of correlation between Children At Risk’s assessments and TEA’s accountability report, i.e. the top school districts have some of the best http://phentermine40mg.com/ individual schools, the worst districts have some of the worst.
  • Public, non-charter schools dominated the top of the Elementary lists as the highest charter school ranked came in 31st (IDEA Edinburg).
  • Vanguard Mozart (really? Mozart?) ranked in the bottom half (#193/295) for elementary schools, which is surprising given the amount of parents trying to get their kids into that school. Vanguard Rembrandt MS fared better (#31 of 117) with Vanguard Rembrandt HS fared top overall in their district (#4/66). The lesson? Keep your kids in their current elementary and push for Rembrandt later.
  • Neither Med High (#11) nor Science Academy (#9) cracked the top 5.
  • 5 of the top 6 high schools are charter schools (IDEA and Vanguard) with Jimmy Carter Early College (La Joya) being the only non-charter public in the top 5.
  • Speaking of which, La Joya ISD has the best Early College program within the worst ranked high schools in the Valley.
  • B.L. Gray Middle School (#17, Sharyland ISD) is the highest ranking Valley school in the state.

Welp, let the shitshow begin.

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